Friday, December 31, 2010

Press TV documentry on Zaid Hamid, his mission and the geo politics of the region.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Afghan jihad pics!

These are the pics from our visit to Northern Afghanistan in 1990-91. The journey to Takhar took 5 days on foot through most difficult terrains. These are some rare pics of that epic journey Zaid sb made as a young Mujahid, MashAllah

There were almost no Pakistanis in northern Afghanistan in 1990-91 execpt a few with the group of ZH. These amazing and stunning and rare pics of the era from the personal collection of ZH capture the life in Northern Afghanisan's Tajik and Uzbek regions. The terrain was stunningly beautiful but equally cruel and unforgiving. People were innocently simply, honourable Afghan Muslims fighting for their faith, beliefs and land. These are the legends of the Afghan Jihad.

Pictures of Afghan Jihad in 1980's when we buried USSR there !