Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Who are Khawarij in Pakistan??? A crtiical note on TTP and their ideology

Who Are Khawarij in Pakistan? a crtiical note on TTP and their ideology
We warn you, you may throw up after hearing this filth from TTP snake. We are posting this video with great disgust and rage but it is necessary to post this to show the Ummah why according to the Hadees of Rasul Allah (sm) these TTP anim als are Khawarij and why it is necessary to kill and eliminate these snakes with full force! These snakes use Quran and Sunnah to justify their crimes and wage a war on Pak Sarzameen and innocent Muslims. This is a wireless conversation between an ordinary Pak army soldier and a TTP kharji. Obviously, the soldier is not well versed in religious argument but the TTP snake is truly a Kharji and Wajib ul Qatal according to Sharia! They believe all Pakistanis as Kafirs and justify the murder of women and children of Muslims! Now you know what kind of deviant and filthy ideology these snakes have and why Pak army is fighting a just a dignified war against these Zalims. We have warned you. this is pure filth from a mentally retarded criminal man and his satanic ideology!  

حضرت پیر جماعت علی شاہ رحمتہ الله علیہ فرماتے تھے کہ میری نظر میں قائداعظم ولی الله ہیں اور پاکستان بننے کی منظوری بارگاہ رب العزت سے ہوئی ہے.


Our nation do NOT know the Kharjee TTP. Rasul Allah (sm) has called these snakes the "dogs of hell" for their crimes and murders in the name of Islam. In 1947, these gangs sided with Mushrik Hindus and tried to block creation of Pakistan. T oday, they wage a war against Pakistan on behalf of the Mushrik Hindus and Crusader Zionists! These Kharjees are also called Congressi Mullahs who even today stand with Hindu Congress and fight on behalf of the Mushriks! They are present within Pakistan in many form -- in politics, in waging sectarian wars, in issuing Fatwas against Takmeel e Pakistan and in their worst form as the TTP, the true dogs of hell. You have heard the conversation in which that TTP kharjee says that they should have destroyed Pakistan in 1947 and now they want to finish the job! May Allah's curse be upon them. They can never destroy Pakistan for it is under the protection of Allah and Rasul Allah (sm). But these snakes and dogs of hell are indeed exposed and will now be crushed with full force inshAllah. They are NOT attacking Pakistan because of drones or because of military operations in FATA. They are enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) even before the creation of Pakistan. They exist in all times. This fasadis are called Kharjees in Hadees. Know them well and support the army which fights them. 
  The signs of Khawarij


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