Monday, September 3, 2012

The Charge Sheet Against Pro-Khawarij Congressi Deobandis Enemies of Medina e Sani Pakistan.

Anyone who knows us knows that our mission is Takmeel e Pakistan, our duty is Ghazwa e Hind and creation of system of Khilafat e Rashida and Uniting the Ummah in a united states of Islam. We are above sectarian, ethnic and linguistic prejudices. 

We only acknowledge two identities: Muslim and Pakistan. We fight for defense of Pakistan and protect our Pak armed forces from the Hindus and western Zionists. Period! 

But it should be known that anyone who opposes two nation theory, calls Quaid e Azam a Kafir, attacks Pakistan, attacks Allama Iqbal, attacks Kashmir Jihad and supports Khawarij of TTP and becomes the strong arm of Hindu Zionists and Congress party is our enemy. 

These Congressi snakes are ideological Khawarij, who take help from Hindus to attack Muslims of Medina e Sani. Allama Iqbal called these Congressi traitors "followers of Abu Lahab". We say the same. 

Creation of Pakistan was being done on the orders of Rasul Allah (sm). Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani had made it clear to all Deoband. Then still if anyone who oppose Pakistan, then he is directly waging a war against Rasul Allah (sm).

That is why Allama Iqbal called them followers of Abu Lahab. We are only saying what Iqbal and Quaid said about them!!!! 

These snakes betrayed Muslims in 1947 and still continue to do this. If they had done tauba, if they had accepted Pakistan, if they had supported Kashmir Jihad, if they had called Quaid e Azam as Wali Allah, we would NOT have any problem with them. But they insist upon their Gumrahi and still are the best friends of Hindu Mushriks! 

Today, these same Congressi friends of Mushriks are waging a war against Takmeel e Pakistan!! If they are sincere to Pakistan, why they still called Quaid e Azam as Kafir and why they still want to wage a war against Pak army and why they still oppose Kashmir Jihad???? They continue to wage a war against Pakistan and we will now wage war against them. No mercy. 

There are many Muslims who studied in Deoband school but they love Pakistan, believe in two nation theory, are preparing for Ghazwa e Hind and are most respectful to Quaid e Azam and Baba Allama Iqbal and are standing with us in Takmeel e Pakistan and have openly stood against Khawarij and are defending Pak army. Some of our closest friends and team members come from Deoband. We have greatest of regard for them and they are our friends and allies in this Jihad. 

We have always acknowledged the role of Allama Shabbir ahmed Usmani and Maulana Ashraf ali thanvi. We have mentioned this in all our lectures and writings. All Muslims from all sects are with us in this Takmeel e Pakistan and defense of Pakistan. But the only gang which is opposing us is from pro-Khawarij Congressi Mullahs! Hindus of India want to silence our azaan. 

Once again, these Congressi Mullahs have come forward to help them as they stabbed the Muslims in 1947. Always serving the Mushriks. Our war is NOT against any Muslim or against sect. Only a blind man who is also deaf, dumb and dead would accuse us of spreading sectarian hatred. This is typical of Congressi Deobandi fitnah. 

Today, Pakistan is going through one of the most delicate phase of its creation. War is upon us and Khawarij are attacking us from all sides along with Hindu Mushriks and Crusader zionists. In these times, we will NOT tolerate anyone attacking Mission Takmeel e Pakistan or Pak army or our founding fathers. Congressi Mullahs should hear this clearly. 

Now we will show no tolerance towards them InshAllah! The enemy within is more dangerous. Khawarij are those who take help of Hindu Mushriks against Muslims and they are the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm). 

The Charge Sheet Against Pro-Khawarij Congressi Deobandis Enemies of Medina e Sani Pakistan


Faheem Uddin said...

As Salam o Aliykum
Bilul haqaeeq par mabni bat ki he. Aur Sach bih yeh hi he. Meri aik guzarish he app se jab app Allah Ta'ala' aur Nabi Kareem (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)ka naam lihka karein tu srif (sm)na lihka karein pora nnam lihka karein.

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thanks for sharing.

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