Saturday, August 25, 2012

Who killed Akbar Bugti? BrassTacks Policy Paper

Akbar Bugti was the patron and mentor of treacherous BLA. His grandson Brahmadagh Bugti still runs the terrorist gang and wages a war on Pak Sarzameen on behalf of the CIA and RAW. Akbar Bugti had waged a war not just against the state o f Pakistan but also against his own tribe of Raheja, Kalpar and Messori Bugti sub-clans. He murdered, raped, killed and exiled thousands of innocent and patriotic Baluch Bugti tribesmen and had confiscated their lands and property. He was NOT killed by the army but had committed suicide. This explosive BrassTacks policy paper destroys the myth of his “murder” and expose the larger conspiracy by the separatists to attack and harm the state of Pakistan and Pak army. Spread this globally and fight back the enemy propaganda.

Who Killed Bugti?


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