Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Listen to Afghan Taliban and see how sensible their geopolitical logic is.

There is a reason why the patriots of Pakistan do not want to support the US war against Taliban in Afghanistan! Listen to this stunning interview recorded before 9/11 and before the US invasion of Afghanistan. You can clearly see that US had already made up their mind to attack Afghanistan. Listen to the arguments of Taliban representative. You wil be amazed how mature, sensible and clear headed they are. The world media will never show you this side of Afghan Taliban. Ask British Muslimah Yvonne Ridley who became Muslim by just spending few days as prisoner with Taliban. US is waging an illegal, immoral and illicit war in Afghanistan and it is an international crime and crime against humanity to be part of it. Pakistan must start talks with Taliban and bring all sides of the Afghan conflict together. Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are enough to settle the disputes within Afghans. We do not want Crusaders to come between us and wage a war against us and our brothers. Khair inshAllah


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