Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We will NOT accept this lying down

Dear Team and members, always remember that we are in a state of fierce existential war which has many battles within in. Facing a setback in a battle does not mean that we have lost the war. Every crisis creates an opportunity for us to exploit. There is no doubt that this treacherous regime has once again committed treason and betrayal but even this battle is not over yet. When the government commits treason, it is the duty of the patriots to resist. By Allah, we will.

In a couple of days, you will see the fierce reaction within the nation and this decision will bring the regime down, InshAllah! We will NOT accept this lying down. Containers will be opened, flights will be escorted down on ground for searches and some “terrorists” may even attack and burn the NATO convoys. The fight has just gotten into the high gear. Many power groups in the country have announced fierce resistance. The civil disobedience is now inevitable.

Parliament had categorically said that no weapons will pass through Pakistan. Even in this latest betrayal, the government has been forced to commit that no lethal weapons will be allowed to go. But the government also says that small arms for Afghan army will be allowed, once again keeping a window open for the enemy to exploit. There is no mention of the 3500 armored vehicles and 5000 containers stuck up in Pakistan carrying most lethal cargo. There is no mentioning of the procedure on how to check the contents of the containers or flights passing through the air bridge. There are many major loopholes in the announcement made by the government and the patriots will certainly exploit these weak spots. From Karachi to Khyber - this is going to be a long long journey for the NATO!!!

Army is also NOT happy with the decision. You will see their reaction soon. Unless the army decides to finally overthrow the regime, these setbacks would continue which would damage the army’s dignity and respect as well. General Kayani and the CJ are still following the constitution. We urge them to be aggressive or both the army and the SC would also be destroyed by these devils.

We understand your frustration and rage. We are equally in Jalal but this is just one of the many treasons being committed by this regime. Memo, Corruption, destruction of national economy, railways, electricity, fuel and gas crisis, destruction of national ideology and identity. These challenges are part of defending this millat. Do NOT be lose control, remain dignified, hold your line and counter attack. We will have to face far greater challenges in the coming days. We will NOT let these vultures take away our beloved Pak Sarzameen. You can bet on that!


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