Thursday, August 16, 2012

Attack on PAF Air Base Kamra

Another PAF base at Kamra is under attack as we write. The target is AWACS airborne spying platforms. After destroying the spying capability of Navy in Karachi Mehran attack, now the insurgents are targeting the PAF systems. Details are not clear yet but the fight is on.

This is enough!! This urban war cannot be fought by the armed forces when the government, judiciary and the media is also wagi ng a war against the armed forces along with the terrorists. Judiciary is not punishing the terrorists. Government is not prosecuting the insurgents, media is still hostile. Armed forces cannot fight alone without the judicial, executive and media support. Someone will have to remove this filthy regime NOW. We cannot destroy the country to save a filthy regime and its harmkhor democracy.

 Base Commander Commodre Azam Khan was wounded in the fierce and brave fight to defend the base. He and his fellow senior officers actually joined the battle with rifles in hand and led the attack on the terrorists. This is true leadership and solid character of PAF officers, MashAllah. It was a heart warming sight that despite the sudden surprise atatck and ferocity of the fight, the three top senior officers were fighting on ground like ordinary foot soldiers to defend Pak Sarzamnee. Proud of you brothers. With son like these, Pakistan can never be defeated inshAllah, no matter how evil or sinister our enemy is. MashAllah and Pakistan Zindabaad !! 


Bloomig Flower said...

Pakistani media should adopt a more sincere and serious role to support Pakistan forces instead of spreading mistrust in people.

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