Saturday, August 4, 2012

Speech of Liaqat Ali Khan on the Objectives Resolution March 9th 1949

Fasten your seat belts:

In 1949, Liaqat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, made a speech at the passing of objectives resolution. That was the greatest speech in our history which defined the vision, emotions, passions, destiny and the constitution of this most amazing nation born on the face of earth.

The speech is a masterpiece of English literature, an equal epic of Islamic ideology and philosophy. Those were truly great men who had what it takes to become a statesmen to lead the Muslim Ummah. Here we bring this precious document to you which was lost in history and now revived again.

In 2010, based on this document, the patriots passed the Takmeel e Pakistan resolution in Lahore which is now going to become the guiding light to take Pakistan to new glory, InshAllah.

The following is the last para of the speech of Liaqat Ali Khan. Full document is in the link given below. Read it over and over again and save it and spread the vision of our forefathers. This is the Pakistan, we want to create and they envisioned. This is truly stunning MashAllah!

Last para read:

"Sir, this people has traditions of great achievement to its credit; its history is replete with deeds of glory; in every sphere of life it has contributed its full measure of achievement; its heroism adorns the pages of military chronicles; its administrators created traditions which have withstood the ravages of time; in creative art, its poverty, architecture and sense of beauty have won their tribute of appreciation; in the matter of spiritual greatness it has few parallels. It is this people which is again on the march, and, given the necessary opportunities, it will surpass its previous record of glorious achievement.

This Objectives Resolution is the first step in the direction of the creation of an environment which will again awaken the spirit of the nation. We, whom Destiny has chosen to play a part, howsoever humble and insignificant, in this great drama of national resurrection, are overwhelmed with the magnitude of the opportunities which are before us. Let us use these opportunities with wisdom and foresight, and I have not the least doubt that these humble efforts will bear fruit far in excess of our wildest expectations, through the help of a Providence which has brought Pakistan into existence.

It is not every day that great nations come into their own; it is not every day that peoples stand on the threshold of renaissance; it is not every day that Destiny beckons the down-trodden and the subjugated to rise and greet the dawn of a great future. It is the narrow streak of light heralding the brilliance of the full day, that we salute in the form of this Resolution" Speech of Liaquat Ali Khan on the Objectives Resolution March 9 1949


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