Sunday, August 26, 2012

Who killed Akbar Bugti? Busting the conspiracies

Today is August 26th, the day that rebel Akbar Bugti died. The sub nationalists would kick the duct to prove that he was killed because he demanded rights for the Baluch people. We have written the detailed account of the events which led t
o his death. Now see this News report as well. The actual reason which the traitor media and politicians will never tell you but we have exposed. In early 2006, Army had started to rehabilitate and re-settle thousands of exiled and displaced Bugti tribesmen back to their hometowns who had fled due to crimes and cruelties of Akbar Bugti.

Today, the liberals and the secular as well as the sub-nationalists never talk about the rights of these patriotic Bugti Baluch who were being prosecuted for almost 10 years by Akbar Bugti. read this news and know the reality even more. Bugti tribe is a patriotic and Pakistan loving tribe. It was only one Sardar Akbar Bugti and his personal family which had waged a war against their own Baluch people and against Pakistan. They have met their fate now. Dera Bugti is peaceful and all Bugti tribesmen love and defend Pakistan now alhamdolillah.

Now read this Indian Assessment on Bugti tribe's internal wars. The facts are correct and show that even the enemies of Pakistan know the exact crisis within the Bugti tribe and how cruel and criminal Akbar Bugti was and how he waged a war
against his own people. This is written in June 2006, just two months before Akbar Bugti committed suicide after fierce clashes between his faction and pro-Pakistan Bugti who had returned from exile. In the last para graph you can see that Indians are NOT happy with these developments as their asset BLA was losing the war.

It was this intra-Bugti war which forced the Akbar Bugti to commit suicide rather than surrendering to these Kalpar, Massori and Raheja tribesmen who wanted to crucify him for his crimes against Bugtis. Know the facts and do not fall for hostile propaganda that army or the Pakistan government did not give rights to the Baluch Bugtis. That is all non-sense. In fact, Akbar Bugti resisted and waged a war when army tried to give rights to the Kalpar, Messori and Raheja Baluch Bugtis. That is the reality. 


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