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My dear CJ, you wanted proof that BLA insurgency is supported by foreign hostile powers?.....

My dear CJ, you wanted proof that BLA insurgency is supported by foreign hostile powers. Let us start giving you proof.

The son of Akbar Bugti are using the judicial system to attack army and FC. The grand son is waging a war of rebellion

and insurgency. The whole family of Akbar Bugti is at war with Pak Sarzameen while patriotic Bugti Baluch are being killed by BLA.

The traitors join the BLA and their families file cases for missing persons. They are attacking on ground and in the courts. Over 500 FC soldiers have died in last few months. who is killing them ????? Is FC killing its own soldiers or BLA killing FC ?? When BLA carry weapons without permits then why is SC cancelling permits of law abiding patriotic Baluch issued by FC???why are making patriots disarmed why the BLA is fully armed by India????

Think about this dear CJ. your mistake will shed innocent blood.


Bugti's grandson ready to accept help from India

Published: Thursday, July 24, 2008, 10:33 [IST]
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Islamabad, Jul 24 (UNI) Brahamdagh Bugti, grandson of slain nationalist leader Nawab Akbar Bugti, has said he would accept any help from India, Afghanistan and Iran to defend Baluchistan.
In a telephone interview from an undisclosed location, Brahamdagh said the military operation in Baluchistan has continued for the last four years and not for four days in which innocent people had been killed, local media reported today.

Brahamdagh said the government was conducting military operations to plunder resources of the province as well as to keep people of Baluchistan backward and said they would resist those who come to loot their resources in the name of development.
''Punjab and Pakistan do not have right over our gas resources.
If anyone wants to take it by force, then we will resist it,'' he said.

To a question about the supply of weapons from neighbouring countries, he said they were fighting to defend Baluchistan and had the right to accept help from abroad.
Brahamdagh said Pakistan was an atomic power and it used weapons against Baloch people. He said they preferred the integrity of Baluchistan over Pakistan.
To a question about negotiations, he said the government had got a chance to refresh the Army in the name of negotiations.

He urged the people to sacrifice for the defence of Baluchistan and said that peace talks would not solve the problems of Baluchistan.
He claimed that 40 to 50 security forces personnel were killed on the first day of the recent operation and the militants seized their weapons. He alleged that the security forces had killed 60 people, including women and children, in shelling by helicopters in different areas of Dera Bugti.
More than two dozen militants were killed and two of their bases detroyed in Dera Bugti town of Baluchistan, where insurgency erupted three years ago in the wake of demands for more autonomy and share in state resources for people of impoverished province, which is also supplying natural gas to the country.

Former chief minister and governor of Baluchistan Nawab Akbar Bugti was killed in a military operation in August 2006.

If the SC is truly sincere in resolving the Baluchistan insurgency, this snake must be brought back from Delhi or Kabul or Washington, wherever he is waging the war from. He is the grandson of Akbar Bugti, the traitor whose suicide they are exploiting to wage a war against Pakistan. Unless, we eliminate this snake and his gang, no solution is possible, no development can take place, no peace can return. SC must ask army for the strategy to eliminate insurgency and then offer full judicial support. Our strong and final advice to CJ -- let the army make the counter insurgency strategy. Judges are NOT qualified for it.

Will support US, Nato or Indian intervention: Brahamdagh Bugti

Published: February 22, 2012
Supporting the US congressional bill on Balochistan, Baloch Republican Party’s self-exiled chief Barahmdagh Bugti has welcomed all foreign intervention in the province whether it is the US, Nato or India. PHOTO: FILE 

QUETTA: Supporting the US congressional bill on Balochistan, Baloch Republican Party’s self-exiled chief Brahamdagh Bugti has welcomed all foreign intervention in the province whether it is by the US, Nato or India.

“America must intervene in Balochistan and stop the ethnic cleansing of Baloch people,” said Brahamdagh, 30, as reporters listened with rapt attention to his telephonic address on Wednesday at the Quetta Press Club. “We know that foreign countries have their personal interest but we must think of our greater interest.”

A resolution was introduced on February 17 by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and co-sponsored by two other congressmen in the US House of Representatives, calling upon Pakistan to recognise the Baloch people’s right to self determination. The bill has outraged Pakistan and leaders and lawmakers have called it against the country’s sovereignty and an unwelcome intervention by the US.

“Baloch women, political leaders, activists, students, writers, poets, professors and intellectuals are being subjected to enforced disappearances and undergoing torture for years. Their mutilated bodies turn up daily. Under such circumstances, we will welcome the support of foreign countries,” he said. “We have been accused of getting support from India but the Baloch movement does not have any foreign support. However, we will welcome any support for independence.”

Balochistan, Pakistan’s least developed but largest province by area, has undergone a separatist insurgency since the country’s inception. The insurgency escalated into rampant violence after the 2006 murder of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, the grandfather of Brahamdagh Bugti.
“The American resolution and committee formed for Balochistan is not against the sovereignty of Pakistan. Every country has the right to interfere or intervene [in another’s affairs] if there are state-sponsored human rights violations,” he said.

‘They are protecting Punjab’s sovereignty’
Sceptical of mainstream politicians’ and media attention to Balochistan’s affairs, Brahamdagh said the change of heart was rooted in apprehensions over Punjab’s sovereignty. “Pakistani politicians like Nawaz Sharif are now visiting Balochistan and inquiring about the plight of Baloch people. There are discussions and talks on TV channels and print media in recent days about Balochistan. Because they are now worried about the sovereignty of Punjab and [want] to protect Punjab’s interest.”
If they were sincere, he said, they should have raised the issue of enforced disappearances, mutilated bodies of Baloch youth and leaders earlier.

Reiterating his stance that there is violation of human rights in Balochistan by security forces and agencies, Brahamdagh said that Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had said that there was no military operation in the province and must stop denying the truth now.
Brahamdagh pointed out that if the lawmakers believe that the situation in Dera Bugti, Kohlu and adjoining areas is normal, they should allow free access to the region for journalists, international humanitarian organisations and citizens.

‘No negotiations’
When asked about an all-parties conference that Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani had announced over the crisis in Balochistan, Brahamdagh said that Baloch nationalist leaders will not join negotiations. “One the one hand, they are calling an APC while on the other, they are brutally killing Baloch people and throwing their bullet-riddled, mutilated bodies,” he said.
Brahamdagh called on Balochistan Governor Zulfiqar Magsi and Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani to also join the Baloch movement, leaving behind their “temporary” and “personal” interest as they will not achieve anything but humiliation from supporting the Pakistani government. “If they do not want to join the movement, they should resign from office and sit quietly because the Baloch movement is nearing its destination. Efforts are being made to unify the rank of Baloch leaders.”

When asked about the recent killing of his sister and niece in Karachi, Brahamdagh said that such brutalities will not compel him to withdraw or surrender from the struggle.

He also lashed out at the ultra-conservative Difa-e-Pakistan Council, which has announced a public gathering on February 27 in solidarity with the Baloch people. “Where were they when Baloch women, children and youth were being picked up and brutally killed by security forces? There is no influence of Jihadi elements in Balochistan. These religious parties are backed by security agencies,” he said.


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