Saturday, October 13, 2012

The snakes and "helldogs" Khawarij are not just killing little girls.....

The snakes and "helldogs" Khawarij are not just killing little girls, they are also using them as human shields when they attack pak army. Last month, a tragic but heroic act of sacrifice went unnoticed in Pakistan as media never reported it.

A Gunship helicopter of Pak army was shot down with both pilots becoming shaheeds. Do you know how it happened??

Pilots wee asked to attack a hideout of TTP kharjis but the pilots refused as they saw that TTP was keeping large number of women and children as human shields and if the pilots had attacked that would have caused great civilian casualties. The brave and heroic pilots refused to attack but then came under heavy fire from the Khawarij who were firing from behind the women and children. The Gunship was hit and crashed with both pilots dying deaths of Shaheeds but did not harm any women and children! Allahu Akbar!!!!

We love you Pak army. By Allah, we stand with you in war against these dogs of hell. By Allah, we will eliminate these snakes soon, InshAllah. The media which is always barking against Pak army will never acknowledge such soul shaking sacrifices.

(note: The news of this heli crash has finally appeared today in The Friday Times back page, ironically in the same weekly which is most rabid anti-army publication. Even these snakes of Zionists are also forced to acknowledge the sacrifice of these brave officers).


Human shields

In the ongoing operation against foreign and local militants in Waziristan, the Pakistan military has suffered a tragic loss. It is doubly tragic because it has gone unreported and unremarked in the media. Last month, a helicopter gunship of the Pak military made its way to targets in Waziristan and received the coordinates for its strike just before arriving at the target. This is Standard Operating Procedure, coordinates are given out at the nth hour to preserve secrecy and security. As the pilot came into view of his target, he radioed back that there appeared to be a mistake in identifying the target. "There's a mosque, madrassah, women and children here" the pilot radioed back, as he hovered over the area. He then turned in an arch to fly out of the area. Just as he was being radioed back a message that this indeed was the target, a group of bearded men emerged from within the mosque and from behind the human shields of the assembled women and children, and shot Rocket Propelled Grenades at the heli and brought it down. The pilot and his co-pilot were both killed.


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