Monday, December 24, 2012

The rulers are still in denial and remain stupidly naive

The rulers are still in denial and remain stupidly naive. They have already lost control of the country, economy has collapsed, terrorists rule from Peshawar to Karachi and still they insist upon playing the same game of sick democracy. From ordinary people to terrorists, every one is now up in arms against the regime.

We are NOT members of Dr. Qadri group. We are NOT their spokesperson. We did not attend their Jalsa. But the people who came to that Jalsa have rejected this democracy and DO NOT want elections. Now they plan to march on Islamabad, because this is the only language these idiot rulers understand. If Dr Qadri does not back out, this is the best chance to remove this regime.

Army will let the people settle it with the government. But if the anarchy gets too out of control and Supreme Court does not remove this regime and bring caretakers, then don't the army if it steps in to clean the mess and bring its own caretakers. Don't worry. There wont be a Martial law but something more severe :))


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