Monday, February 4, 2013

Slaves cannot even dream of dignity and honor

Slaves cannot even dream of dignity and honor. When a romantic dream, a vision, a mission is shared with them, they always say "it is impossible" or ask "how can this be done???? " .

Free men with Faqr e Ghayyur and revived Khudi not just have the power to dream but also the courage to achieve that "impossible" dream! Free men don't ask how it will be done. They rise and do it and create history, shape destinies.

Our leaders, judiciary, media and even thinkers are slaves of the Kufr system and Dajjal. They do not have the capacity to become Salahuddin, Tariq, Tipu oe even Quaid.

InshAllah, Allah will give us a great leader soon. Each one of you can be that leader if you have the courage to dream and the will to fight and die for it. In our entire 1400 years of history, we have never found a great leader and glory through democracy. remember that...



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