Monday, March 4, 2013

Dialogue Between Pak Army Soldier And TTP Takfiri Militant

JUI and other snakes are demanding that Pakistan army must start talks with these Khawarij of TTP, as these snakes are now being beaten into defeat. Listen to the words of Khawarij and their hatred for Pak Sarzameen, Quaid and the Muslims of Pakistan. How can we talk to these snakes when they have so much hatred in their hearts and blood on their hands.

Those Khawarij, who want to do tauba, must openly accept that they were wrong in waging a war against Pak Sarzameen and that they were Gumrah and now want to come back into the fold of Islam and declare that war against Pakistan is Kufr and Shirk. Only then, we can even consider talks with them. Otherwise, these Khawarij are dogs of hell. One can talk to human, NOT to the dogs !!


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