Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My duty is to give azaan and warn you of the consequences of your actions

To all young PTI patriots and supporters,

dear children, my duty is to give azaan and warn you of the consequences of your actions. I cannot force you to chose the path we suggest. You are free to do what you want. But learn some adab and decency at least. Talk with decency and knowledge not abuses.

My age is 49 years today. Allah has shown the most extreme realities of life. Had joined the war in Afghanistan in 1986 when most of you were not even born. Have interacted with almost all power players in the country and in the region and alhamdolillah, our opinion has helped shaped the national and regional security and ideological profile. When we say a think, it is backed by at least 27 years of hard earned experience from battle field to global arena in security and political analysis and action.

At least, no one can accuse me of playing into the hands of one political party or any external enemies. So when we give our opinion, it is NOT driven by any vested interest or ambition. It is always sincere advice for the sake of Pakistan.

In 2004, when Musharraf was it the peak of his power, I had told him on his face that he will be Court Martialed in the end and would have to face cases. He was shocked, did not believe me but today look what is happening to him?? We could see what he could not.

Those who do not listen to sincere, selfless advice always suffer. The entire history and hundreds of examples of Quran testify to this ultimate reality. I am not your enemy. I am not even contesting the elections. I am an elder who is trying to advice our children to wake up before the damage becomes irrevocable. But like Ziddi children, you don't seem to listen. Khair do what you want.

The solution is in bringing patriotic caretakers who can stabilize Pakistan at least. If we can generate enough support for the idea, this can be done also. This is what we plan to do instead of becoming part of this suicide called democracy. At least, our conscious would be clear that we did not participate in harming the country nor we accepted the Kufr system of democracy. In the end, this will happen anyways as army will have to step in if the country has to be saved from the anarchy which is engulfing it now. Everyone is already calling for the army to save them. Soon, army will come, InshAllah to bring civilian caretakers.

If you are so sure about your victory, then the negative opinion of this humble man should not matter to you. Do not get angry or gustakh. Do what you want. You will all see soon, just as Musharraf is witnessing today.

HasbunAllah Naimal Wakeel!


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