Friday, May 24, 2013

BrassTacks now starts distributing / sale of these coins as well. Be the proud owner of Islamic currency of the future, mashAllah

Dear team,

Be the proud owner of Islamic currency of the future, mashAllah. We at BrassTacks now start distributing / sale of these coins as well.

MashAllah, have received about 100 such Silver Dirhams from a friend for sale to team members as souvenirs. If anyone wants to buy these please contact our office directly and ge them collected by hand. These cannot be sent via tcs etc. Limited quantity means that first come first serve basis would be used. Office land line phone 051-5598046,7 or email Saeed or Shami.

The selling price is Rs: 400 per dirham coin. Please note that at this stage due to very low quantity, manufacturing cost, import and packaging, the cost is higher as these are not for mass commercial trade but private collection as gifts only.

These are 3 gm of pure silver packed in an air tight plastic box. At the present rate of silver at $22 per ounce, this 3 gm coin has silver worth Rs: 215/= only. Rest are overheads. Silver price is expected to rise to about $50 per ounce which means that the 3 gm silver in this coin would rise to around Rs: 450 +.

The company which is making these is trying to open up their office here. In that case, then you can buy and sell directly from them. The guarantee that they give is that you can sell this coin back to them at the price you buy it. For example, if you by this today at 400/=, then you can sell it back to them at 400/= after a month, or an year irrespective of the cost of the silver.

InshAllah, once mass produced here, these will be used more regularly for zakat payment, gifts, savings etc as the coin cost would be closer to the silver cost with minimum production and transportation costs. Right now, the coin is expensive due to these factors, but still a collectors item for emotional and ideological reasons.

InshAllah, very soon, this will be the currency of the Ummah. We are also making new coins also specific to Darul islam Pakistan, MashAllah !!!

May Allah give you barakah and may you remain firm in this most amazing journey. Barak Allah feekum.


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