Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dear members/folowers, listen to this advice seriously.

Dear members/followers, listen to this advice seriously.

The greatest fitnah and weapon of shaitan is that he gets you involved in petty issues and debates to distract your attention from the issues which are most serious with Allah (swt) and Rasl Allah (sm). The greatest gift that Allah gives to a Momin is “sharah e Sadr”, the clarity of heart and vision to see the things others don’t see. There is dua of Hazrat Moosa which starts with “Oh Allah bless me Sharah e Sadr…… “. Allah gifts Rasul Allah (sm) with Sharah e Sadr… Alam Nashrah….

When Allah punishes a person, Allah makes them blind at the heart and vision. Always seek astaghfar from this punishment. These are the worst of the creatures, only create fitnah due to their myopic vision, blackened hearts and being deaf, dumb and blind. They are the abu jahal of the time with no wisdom to understand the verses of Quran and sunnah. There are many within Muslims like these.

We are on the greatest mission of the 21st century and the affects of what we are doing now will determine the fate, destiny and future of the humanity. Understand the magnanimity !!! This is no ordinary “naikee ka kaam” or Charity. This is the war in which we fight as the front line fighters for Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm). Any one against us in this war against Riba is actually fighting Allah and Rasul Allah (sm). Make no mistake about this.

Also, understand the sin of Riba. No other sin match this greatest of sin in human relations. Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) are at war with the entire Riba system – Banking, paper currency, Interest….

Also, it is narrated in Mubarak Hadees that Riba has 70 sins in it and the smallest sin out of those 70 is like committing adultery with your own mother !! Astaghfurullah al azeem.

Now do you realize how huge this war is ??????

The entire Muslim world and its leaders/ scholars, except few exceptions, have accepted Riba as a fate accompli. Next to Masjid e Nabwi shareef, there is entire system of Banks dealing in Riba, astaghfurullah. No one says a word about it. People are ready to kill if someone has short beard, differs in sect, prays differently but are totally silent when it comes to Riba system. Imagine?? Is this ignorance, Jahalat, stupidity, blindness or a punishment from Allah ???? All of it actually. This the azaab this ummah suffers today.

People are objecting/debating on my beard, my red shirt or cap, on my picture of the coin with a pic of Rauza at the back, our writing of the Kalima on the coin, on propaganda that I am a Qadiani (naooz billah), a paid ISI agent, on my hair……. But those objecting upon this faqeer are dead silent on Riba, in fact are at war with Rasul Allah (sm), knowingly or unknowingly, but are so keen to debate the lies what shaitan shows them.

Understand this – when we fight the Dajjal, the greatest war to defend our faith and honor of Rasul Allah (sm), anyone raising these stupid issues to change the subject is fully and totally under the influence of shaitan and he would not even know it. If anyone of you is doing this, stop and ponder and do tauba now. Open your eyes !

It is like a group of Muslims being slaughtered by Kuffar and another group of Muslims watching them being slaughtered but not offering any help. But when a Mujahid draws a sword to kill the kuffar to protect the weak Muslims, the other spectator group of Muslims start to scream Haraam Haraam because the beard of the Mujahid is small or his sword has Kalima written on it !!! Understand the example and ponder deep.

This is what “Muslims” of today do. They destroy the greatest of movements and their leaders by only objecting to non-issues petty things which mean nothing or have little meaning in front of the huge duty what that Faqeer or his group is trying to do for the Ummah.

It is the wisdom of the Momin to understand the priority of the steps to be taken and at what time to take them. Not everyone can understand this gifted wisdom. DO NOT become the instrument of shaitan to create fitnah and fasad by objecting on issues which have no or little meaning compared to the duty involved. Allah will NOT show mercy to anyone who tries to distract the Ummah from real issues.

Allah is Samad, indifferent to the entire cosmos, beyniaz ! He does NOT need us. We NEED HIM. If you do not behave, you will be a true loser in dunya and akhira. DO NOT try to be pious when in reality you are not. We are all humble people, have made mistakes, commit sins and are totally dependent upon the mercy of Allah (swt) for our maghfirat. Worry about yourself and the duty you are doing. DO NOT waste everyone else’s time by raising issues which are either lies or which mean nothing compared to the crisis we have at hand.

Anyone fighting aganst Takmeel Misison or disturbing the direction of the mission would be serving as the agent of Shaitan. Be very careful. Very careful indeed.

May Allah protect you all from the Waswasa of shaitan and becoming his instrument of sharr ! ameen

Jazak Allah to all of you.

Khair inshAllah !



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