Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Zaid Hamid on Ary News in a fierce battle against liberal secular bayghairats on selective trial of Musharraf.


Anonymous said...

Please Focus on
New F & F plan (fake/flop plan) for 4 years-of our new Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef:
1: As electricity's nowhere to be found, thus, we'll run an electricity marathon for 4 years for the blank luck (efforts have no partnership in this! silly people....).
2: Since I 'Miyaan Nawaz Shareef' has not encountered any problem related to unemployment, because-‘I've factories/mills in India along public's finance in Pakistan.’ Therefore no financial betterment can be expected from my government and its policies. ‘Honestly people I don't require any of these-you all are very caring. I salute your deep feelings for me, but I suggest you not to waste your time worrying about me. Please go ahead and make your own future. You are the only (dumb one) one who can earn by combining your blood and sweat as a single content (for paying me new enhanced MeTax).’
3: ‘Our new generation is the only hope for us-the present well conditions(are the worst conditions ever)shall put the old generation's miseries to end as they've turned old n must be given privilege of free time and honour to their paid services(means.....kill the old generation as their strengths and experiences are of no worth, because they can not give any financial support to the government's officials' bank accounts and make the new generation slaves (like in old tines) of the present government. This process’ll be so smooth and automated that none of the victims'll feel this brutal transformation. It'll be in 2 steps:
a> Electricity, Shortage of Fuel, Inflation n Constant Raising Tax will cook up every individual so much that they'll surely give up their independent lifestyles soon.
b> Then they'll be in the government's feet in no time and it'll be government's will to treat them as they would feel and please.’
4: Last but not least, our promises to our people are like
"Woh wada hi kiya jo wafa ho gya…"
Hence, proved clearly (PML-N py sadiq atta hy)
“Unn k annay k baad charaghoun main roshni na rhi”

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