Friday, July 19, 2013

Geo started this war. Now we will finish it for them inshAllah!

GEO snakes sent me a legal notice today accusing me of defaming their already filthy reputation and then asked me to apologize else they will take me to court. Here is my reply to them, alhamdolillah, which has been sent to their lawyers. They started this war. Now we will finish it for them inshAllah.



Ahmed & Qazi
Advocates and Legal Consultants
403-4, 417 Clifton Centre, Clifton,

Sub: Legal Notice under defamation ordinance 2002

Reference your legal notice, dated 17.7.2013 under above subject, please note:

1. I reject the allegation of leveled against me by you on behalf of your “clients” (Geo-Jang group and others mentioned in your notice).

2. After the above rejection of your allegations, the demand for a public apology becomes superfluous and unnecessary, hence is also rejected.

3. Pakistan today is under attack in a massive urban 4th generation war where the existence of the state, its people and ideology is at stake under a vicious multi-dimensional economic, military, media and political war. The entire State is facing a collapse and over a 100,000 Pakistanis have either been killed or wounded in this imposed asymmetric war.

4. Being a Defense analyst, it is my professional duty to expose and resist those elements of hostile non-state actors who are waging this 4th generation war against the state and its ideology.

5. I have resisted the terrorists and insurgents of TTP and BLA as well as urban insurgents in Karachi and have raised my voice to defend the nation as part of this sacred duty.

6. I have also defended Pakistan’s ideology and exposed the fifth columnists within the Pakistani media who are acting as hostile “media insurgents” to demolish the state from within.

7. We have taken the cases of such elements like SAFMA, Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi etc to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, along with proof of their involvement in anti-state media activities and waging a deliberate hostile information war against Pakistan and its ideology, in this critical time of war, demanding death penalty under article 6 of the constitution for committing treason against the state. The cases are pending in the court of law and will get hearing in due time inshaAllah.

8. This is not a secret any more that certain elements within Pakistani media are waging a hostile information war against the state, armed forces and the nation. Hundreds of articles, TV programs and reports have now been published, circulated and aired on such anti-state activities of certain section of media.

9. During the Abbotabad Commission report also, former DG ISI, General Pasha has also categorically explained the negative role of such hostile media.

10. It is reported on the social media also that Supreme Court Media Commission report also suggest name certain TV programs which are funded from hostile sources, including India and the subject merit serious criminal inquiry.

11. In this age of Social media and freedom of expression, where according to general public perceptions, your clients, and many people on their payroll, have been found to be blatantly involved in anti-state activities by the nation and the youth, the campaigns on the social media are spontaneous and self propagating without any individual controlling their content or direction. Millions of youth are expressing their rage over, what they perceive to be, hostile media activity. Sending me a legal notice on uncontrolled social media activity is comical to say the least. Your clients and many anchors on their payroll have been attacking my honor, self respect, dignity and faith, directly and indirectly but I have always maintained dignified restraint. Please direct your clients to send a million legal notices to all Social media activists, TV anchors, media analysts and Supreme Court Media Commission report members who have allegedly written the Media report and who feel that your client’s role has been damaging to the state, people, faith and constitution.

12. For years, I have been trying to find a proper legal forum to argue my case against hostile media and their role in the urban 4th generation war. Now we have enough material at hand, some of which has already been presented to the Supreme Court, to get treason cases registered against many media houses and their owners as well as their paid media insurgents.

13. You will do a great service to this nation if you file a case against me in a proper court of law. The courts are reluctant to hear cases against media. Maybe, a case filed by your esteemed client will force them to hear our side of the story as well and bring the facts on record for the sake of law, national security and archives of history. We so much want a legal forum to raise our voice over this media terrorism by certain media houses.

14. Millions of youth, patriots and nationalists would also join me, InshAllah, in becoming party in such a case. No need to mention that such a case would set the social media ablaze with excitement and would fully expose the dark sides of the hostile media which the courts are still avoiding to expose. This would become the greatest case against media in entire Pakistan’s history. Indeed an exciting concept!

Wishing you and your “clients” a happy Ramazan.


Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid


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