Monday, July 8, 2013

Perhaps we deserve what we are getting.....

Now see the painful irony of the situation: All Muslim countries -- Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran are making the same blunders. No one is innocent.

In Syria today, Iran is supporting the Shia regime of Asad against Israeli/US/Sunni alliance, hence the terms Russian Shias and NATO Sunnis !

But in Iraq yesterday, it was exactly the opposite. Iran sided with the Israelis/US/NATO against Saddam in a Sunni/Russian alliance . In Iraq, it was actually Russian Sunnis Vs Israeli/NATO Shias !!!!

This is the ultimate tragedy of the Ummah. All Muslim leadership is sectarian and consider Israelis?US/NATO/Russians as a lesser threat than sectarian differences. They take help from external Zionist enemies to settle sectarian differences. There is NOT a single leader in the Ummah today who can rise above sectarian divide and unite the Ummah as one millat.

Israelis/US/NATO/Russian are playing the millat against each other and we remain busy in sectarian wars !! Perhaps we deserve what we are getting then. This is the collective punishment for disobeying the Hukm of Allah to remain united within our own ranks !!


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