Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Nation of Pakistan demands from Mir Shakeel Ur Rehman.....

Mir Shakeel Ur rehman sahib,

Nation demands answers.

1. Who are the owners of Geo-Jang group?? Is there any Indian/foreign ownership also ?? Tell us the names of owners.

2. Why is Geo trying to Control Pakistan's foreign policy towards India with the help of Times of India?? What right does a private NGO has to enforce its version of Aman KI Asha on Pakistani nation?? Who is financing you for this sinister campaign??

3. Why did Geo group presented Ajmal Kasab, an Indian Hindu, as a Pakistani from Fareed Kot at a time when India was waging a massive information and diplomatic war against Pakistan to prove is a terrorist state??? Are you aware that this act falls under the article 6, acts of treason??

Would you answer these questions please. Nation wants to know.

Also, our advice to you. DO NOT pick up war with the patriotic youth on the social media. You will be humiliated beyond imagination inshAllah. Be brave and reply with arguments and proofs. don't use threats, blackmail or legal threats. You will lose there also.

It was the power of social media which exposed, isolated and destroyed the terrorists of TTP.

It was the social media which challenged the power of MQM and now have nailed them.

Now the nation is furious over your role in Mumbai drama. We need answers.

May the traitors of Pakistan always burn in hell.


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