Sunday, July 28, 2013

We have been sold to the IMF by Nawas Shareef !!!

Do you know for how much Nawaz Shareef has sold you to the IMF ?? Why don't they tell us the secret terms and conditions which they have accepted from the IMF ?? Let us tell you just a few of them:

1. Government is going to legalize Indian Dams on Pakistani rivers by buying electricity from India from these same Dams. All Indian dams are acts of war against Pakistan. NS has been asked to stay silent and enhance cooperation with India.

2. While our water is blocked by the Indians and the government remains silent over destruction of our crops, the international cartels of Genetically Modified Seeds are being given total license in Pakistan to control the seeds. Which means all our indigenous seed production would be destroyed, all small farmers would be destroyed and we will have to buy dangerous GM seeds from western companies every year. Our water would be in the hands of Indians, our seeds in the hands of Jews. Total food genocide plan.

3. All development projects of fast trains, bus services and development of transportation infrastructure have been blocked on IMF terms.

4. Total and complete auction of all State organs under privatization. PIA, Railways, Pak Steel, OGDC, PSO, SSGC etc are on the block for sale.

5. Devaluation of Rupee means we will have to work harder to pay off the loans, sell our good cheap to international market to increase exports so that our foreign exchange is used to pay the Jewish money lenders.

6. Aman Ki Asha will become the official foreign policy of the country. Kashmir will never be raised on any international or national forum.

7. All trade with India to be opened, destroying the local agriculture, industry and farmers.

8. No new mega Dams will be constructed to store water.

9. A British agent is being brought as Governor Punjab (read viceroy) to make sure NS govt behaves as promised to the international bankers.

You can confirm all these facts from the daily papers. We have just put them in order for you. All those who voted for democracy are now guilty of criminal conduct to harm and damage Pakistan. Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon.


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Well we could see that coming for sure

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