Thursday, August 8, 2013

Allah is not punishing this nation without a reason, this is Makafat e Amal !!

Quetta sees a bloodbath today... almost killing the entire police leadership...

On November 29th Last year, almost 5 months before the elections, we had warned that these elections will bring death and destruction to the nation and must be avoided at all costs. Nation, judiciary and the politicians wanted elections and democracy and now the entire nation pays in blood and Indians wait on the side to move into a country which is effectively in anarchy now, almost headless without justice, without government.

Allah is not punishing this nation without a reason. When sincere advice is not heard, then collective punishment is inevitable. This is Makafat e Amal !!

Zaid Hamid with PJ Mir on Din News 29th November 2012 from BTghazwa on Vimeo.


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