Sunday, August 11, 2013

Zaid Hamid's open letter to those Pakistanis who are still confused about him

My open letter to those Pakistanis who are still confused about me:

When you go to a doctor or a lawyer or an architect what do you look for ?? You chose the finest professional who knows his job and would advice you with professional experience and honesty. Have you ever gone to a top professional in desperate need and first asked for his sect, political beliefs, religion or ethnicity ? No one does it. Everyone just wants top professional sincere advice, right ?

Similarly, there are dozens of TV anchors/analysts on media these days, each giving their opinion and views. Have you ever heard any Mullah or any gangsters raising any question about their sect, beliefs, ethnicity or religious ideology ? Never.

Then ask yourself, why are these Hindu Mushrik supporters or followers of Taghoot always raise questions about my faith, Imaan, beliefs or religious and political views ?? Why all the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) always target this faqeer only and no one else ??

My crime is serious.

Because, we reject the entire system of Kufr, democracy, Riba based Banking, anglo-saxon laws, secularism, liberalism and all man made Kufr ideologies. We stand for Ghazwa e Hind. We stand for Khilafat e Rashida. We stand for United States of Islam.

These are most serious crimes in the eyes of Kufr and Taghoot and they must destroy the man giving this azaan and the mission of Takmeel e Pakistan. That is why all the lies, propaganda, deceptions and fatwas against this Faqeer.

To all of you, who are still in doubt about my intentions and faith, my advice to them is: Do with me what you would do with a professional lawyer, doctor or an engineer. Listen to the advice.

I am NOT making a political party, so we do NOT collect party workers or fans. So I am NOT a threat to present political parties.

I am NOT a mufti nor creating a sect to misguide you from your sect or religion. So I am not a threat to your religion also. But alhamdolillah, not a word that we have spoken or written is ever against Quran and Sunnah. Cant you see that ??

I am only a professional analyst, a thinker & a revivalist, an ideologue and a Moazzin to give azaan for Takmeel e Pakistan. Even if you have problems with my strategy, my faith or vision, listen to the advice which would only benefit you as you are too simple to understand the global Geo-political games and War strategies. I am a professional defense analyst and my advice would benefit all Pakistan, irrespective of your sects or political affiliations.

When the enemy would come to attack us, he will NOT separate us on the basis of sects, color or ethnicity. Bombs and Guns do NOT differentiate between sects or faiths.

Take this advice of Baba Iqbal and listen to what we advice you. We ask nothing from you, have never taken any post, money or status from you and there is nothing that anyone of you can give to this Faqeer. So, why be so judgmental and harsh ??

If you yourself cannot see the plans of the enemies, let us help you see. We have to save this country and millat together. DO NOT let the agents of the enemy confuse you about thisgreat azaan in modern times for Takmeel e Pakistan. Jazak Allah khair.



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