Monday, January 27, 2014

BrassTacks Threat Analysis: Everything else they tell you is a lie !!

A war fought by the army cannot be regulated through corrupt civil judicial system. This is the dilemma of the civil govt. Military can defeat the insurgents on ground but what about the thousands of terrorists captured and who are still in custody, only to be released slowly due to a failed judicial system?. Army’s hands are tied and judiciary is hostile to the army and supportive to the insurgents. This is actually the controlled demolition of the state where judiciary is a party in the war against the state. The new anti-terror law may be shot down by the judiciary. 

South Waziristan operation had taught the army that unless the escape routes of the militants are not blocked inside Afghanistan, no operation in FATA can be successful. TTP terrorists are protected by the CIA/RAW/RAMA inside Afghanistan. Mullah Fazlullah travels on Afghan passports and TTP/BLA supply lines remains open from Afghanistan. Pak army and PAF will have to bomb the bases inside Afghanistan and that demands a strong diplomatic stance from NS govt. 

Hostile media needs to be contained. The RAW funded media in Pakistan is already creating a crisis for the army and is acting as the propaganda army of the insurgents. The media terrorists are as lethal as the suicide bombers but the government and the army have no strategy against them. 

As we had said, 2014 would be the most bloody and decisive year in Pakistan’s history. Within the first month, the nation has received a taste of it and has cried out in pain already. There is no doubt that with these levels of violence and anarchy, the government will not sustain for long. A full-fledged army operation will have to be supported by full force of all state organs or the military will move in to enforce the sanctity of the collapsing state. 

For now, the government remains in panic and confusion and insists upon putting Musharraf on trial and the judiciary and the media maintain the collision course with the army. It is too early to say for how long army would wait and continue to take this humiliation and casualties but the fact remains that the military leadership cannot afford to drag this confusion for too long. If they don’t act, the entire institution of the army would be destroyed and that would be the end of the state as well. 

Dangerous times to say the least… khair inshAllah !


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