PESHAWAR, Jan 20 (INP) TTP spokesman Shahidullah Shahid while claiming responsibility for Rawalpindi RA Bazaar attack said that TTP's Ghazi Force of Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) Group carried out the revengeful attack in Rawalpindi.

Talking to various media outlets over telephone Shahid said that after military operation against Red Mosque in Islamabad, people started coming and TTP trained them and constituted their separate group and named it "Ghazi Force" of Lal Masjid.

Replying to question that what TTP mean by "Sincerity and Authority" of the govt which is required for holding meaningful peace talks, Shahid said that govt should come forward and initiate such steps for restoration of peace which receive appreciation not only from TTP but also from masses and media. Shahid said that govt is still not sincere in talks with TTP. Shahid said that govt should initiate steps for restoration of peace in Pakistan which is in favor of Pakistan and Pakistani nation and not in the interest of America.

Commenting on Authority of the govt, Shahid said that TTP is of view that internal authority of the govt is in the hands of army and ISI while external authority is in the hands of America so govt don't have authority of holding peace talks with TTP. 

"Pakistan Army and America are major obstacles in way of peace talks between govt and TTP," Shahid added.

Commenting on attacks on media and journalists, Shahid said that journalists don't have weapon but they are using pen and tongue against Taliban, adding that if journalists stop their propaganda against Taliban then we will not target them otherwise our policy is clear that we know how to fight against our enemy.