Friday, February 14, 2014

Are you at peace now ?? Now you know what "Shariat" these Haramkhaor Khawarij want !

So now you know what "Shariat" these Haramkhaor Khawarij wants ! All those who never trusted us, are you at peace now ?? You want shariat, it means that cut throat Mullah Radio Kharji is going to be your Khalifa !! astaghfurullah !! Khawarij will continue their war against Pak Sarzameen even during the talks BUT government should ask Pak army not to hurt these Khawarij !! Uffff.... How audacious these snakes can be. 

We had warned you, they never wanted peace talks. They only wanted time to re-group and re-organize. Now they have got that time and would again launch their bloody campaign as they are doing daily.... welcome to peace talks. Idiots talking to Idiots..


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