Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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BrassTacks is the brand name in Pakistan for understanding National and Corporate security. For the last 11 years, every week, BrassTacks brings to you the most cutting edge and comprehensive Security Situation reports and Threat Analysis on

If you are a decision making leader having strategic business and po...litical stake in Pakistan, these political and security assessments are the most vital tool you would ever need in order to understand and interpret the latest geo-political developments in the region and their possible repercussions on our individual, collective, corporate and regional security.

In a unique mix of geo-strategic and domestic security factors constituting security threats, BrassTacks Assessments and Analysis are considered benchmark by our
satisfied readers, which include many international and national companies well as governments of friendly countries and the international media.

Written by Zaid Hamid, the most well known name in Pakistan on National Security Analysis and graded by the Royal Islamic Strategic studies Centre, Jordan, as the most influential media analyst in Pakistan in 2010 and amongst the 500 most influential Muslims living in the world today, these reports are almost clairvoyant foreboding of emerging threats, yet, the dispelling false alarms, has proven immensely beneficial to our clients.

Delivered via e-mail, you will get them directly into your inbox for just Rs: 25,000/= per month or $325/= pm or 3IGD’s. (Islamic Gold Dinars)

Send an e-mail to zaidhamid@zaidhamid.pk for your free trial copy of BrassTacks Security Review and Threat Analysis.


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