Saturday, January 1, 2011

Zaid Hamid explains what he does best and why the liberal secularists take him as a threat.


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These liberals make a very shallow case nobody is doubting the problems faced by Pakistan internally but dont they see the rampant propaganda by America? Obama did a speech at West Point on 7th December 2010 and mentioned Pakistan and war in the same sentence 25 TIMES, why are these liberals oblivious to this? not only dont they speak out against the lies and propaganda levied at Pakistan but certain liberals support it and regurgitate the same rehtoric like "hoodwink" Hoodbhoy! Every country has its problems america has its problems, as does europe as any other country but they will be the first to cry foul if there was outside interference,wikileaks showed the Pakistan government being run by the American ambassador(previous)and embassy and the americans dont even deny this and arrogantly say its NECESSARY for its interests, unfortunately our liberals are blind to the facts.

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