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“Gentlemen, our souls are not for sale”

A salute to one of history’s unsung heroes: Pakistani patriot, organizer, pro-Palestinian intellectual and a statesmen of the highest calibre: Pakistan’s first Prime Minister; The Honourable Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan, martyred on October 16th, 1951 by assassins of the extremist Jew controlled, Anglo-American-Israeli crime gang.
A Founding Father of the Islamic Republic, Liaquat Ali Khan was an amiable everyman who, in quiet defiance of his bourgeois background, actively opposed the Rothschild run British Empire and campaigned for an end to their parasitic occupation of Asia. Liaquat realized The Muslim League’s dream of creating a new country in the tumultuous days of partition, steadied the ship in the aftermath of Pakistani leader; The Honourable Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s untimely death in 1948, curtailed corrupt feudal lords, liberated part of Kashmir, kayoed the Uncle Tom regime in India, stood up to the Brits, Soviets, Yanks and extremist Jews, and all in his first term in office.
 “Now that the great day has come when we have not only achieved freedom from foreign domination but also regained our long lost opportunity for national development.

I wish to convey to our people a message of goodwill and good cheer on this day when the Muslim state of our dreams has become a reality. Let us not forget that his has been achieved not by the efforts of Muslims in Pakistan alone, but even more by the suffering of millions living in Muslim minority provinces.

I hope that although henceforth the frontiers of the two states will divide the Muslims of this Subcontinent, the ties of brotherhood will endure, because the Islamic fraternity knows no political or geographical barriers.

I have no doubt that the Muslims of Pakistan will ever regard the Muslims of India as part of themselves and give them equal opportunities in their own state. I am confident also that the Muslims in India will play an important role for progress and prosperity.”

Honourable Liaquat Ali Khan, Premier of Pakistan, Delhi, 5th August, 1947
In 1948, the illegitimate state of Israel was conning its way to recognition at the U.N.: Stalin gave Rothschild Jewry the thumbs up early on, but would soon regret this decision, disobey his Rothschild handlers only to meet a sudden and suspicious demise in ‘53. U.S. war criminal and Talmud kisser Harry S. Truman took a $2 million bribe and danced the Hora like the shameless Shabbat goy he’d always been, crypto-Jew Donmeh brigands in Turkey waved the Purim graggler to become the first ‘Muslim’ country to recognise the criminal state. Meanwhile, those debt-ridden goys in Europe grovelled, acquiesced and clamoured to claim their thirty pieces of silver; as one by one; almost every nation collapsed and wilted upon the sacrificial alter of Jewish extremism.
The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, however, had other ideas. Zionist Jewry was confident that Liaquat Ali Khan would take their money (an uncapped bribe, apparently) in exchange for recognizing the so-called Jewish state. After all, the U.N. resolution on Kashmir wasn’t about to be implemented by occupying Indian forces anytime soon, Pakistan was engaged in a war of survival against the New Delhi regime, faced sporadic rebellions from collaborationist feudal lords at home and was under mounting pressure to help the Anglo-American-Israeli crime gang attack Iran.
And so, when Liaquat Ali Khan accepted President Truman’s invitation to Washington, Rothschild usurers rubbed their hands with glee and looked set to ensnare another Gentile country into socio-economic enslavement.  But before the gathered crowd, the hall full of pro-Israeli plutocrats and politicos, Shabbat goy lobbyists and extremist Jews from every corner of the globe, Liaqat Ali told them, and the world, who he was and what he stood for:
“Gentlemen, our souls are not for sale”.

Pakistani Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan, Washington D.C., May, 1950
Liaquat Ali Khan, in his clam, understated manner, also made the following three points abundantly clear:
  1. Pakistan would never support the Anglo-American-Israeli crime gang against Iran.
  2. Pakistan would never abandon Palestine.
  3. Pakistan would never bow to the whims of an oppressor.
Needless to say, Liaquat Ali Khan was marked for death that very evening, and it didn’t seem to bother him in the least. Now Pakistan’s position on Iran didn’t prevent Rothschild from toppling PM Mohammed Mossadegh, installing The Shah and looting Iran for the next 25 years, nor did it hold back the parasitic hordes of the illegitimate state of Israel, in fact, there was little gained from this stance in the short term.
But Liaquat Ali Khan didn’t simply make a political statement that night, he made a declaration of independence that reverberates across time & space, from 1950 to the present day and beyond, from the day of creation to the day of Judgement. His words penetrated the dark corners of what little remains of the souls of Rothschild’s henchmen. For he informed extremist Jewry of their fate to come; and that one day, some day, true justice would prevail, that the wrath of God would fall upon their heads like a thunder blot from the Heavens. That the Global South would never back down or accept Kaabalist rule, and that for all their stolen wealth, resources and political influence; Israelis would never be able to buy themselves legitimacy or respect. His defiance spoke volumes, for on that day, Anglo-American-Israeli criminals and their Rothschild overlords were forced to realize that their reign of terror would come to an abrupt and unceremonious end.
Moin Ansari’s excellent essay: ‘Assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan & Declassified CIA documents’ reprints U.S. telegrams sent in the aftermath of Liaquat Ali’s assassination: ‘Confidential Telegram No. 1532 from New Delhi Embassy, Oct. 30, 1951’ highlights the CIA’s increasing paranoia about the fact that journalists in India and Pakistan knew that the U.S.-Israel were behind Liaqat Ali’s assassination.
“Leftist Urdu daily Bhopal named Nadeem published article October 24 charging US with responsibility. Summary article follows: Pakistani Foreign Office that while UK pressing Pakistan for support (against) Iran, US demanded Pakistan exploit influence with Iran and support Iran transfer oil fields to US. Liaquat declined request.
US threatened annul secret pact re Kashmir. Liaquat replied: Pakistan had annexed half Kashmir without American support and would be able to take other half. Liaquat also asked US evacuate air bases under pact. Liaquat demand was bombshell in Washington. American rulers who had been dreaming conquering Soviet Russia from Pakistan air bases were flabbergasted.
American minds set thinking re plot assassinate Liaquat. US wanted Muslim assassin to obviate international complications. US could not find traitor in Pakistan as had been managed Iran, Iraq, Jordan. Washington rulers sounded US Embassy Kabul. American Embassy contacted Pashtoon leaders, observing Liaquat their only hurdle; assured them if some of them could kill Liaquat, US would undertake establish Pashtoonistan by 1952.
Cartridges recovered from Liaquat body were American-made, especially for use high-ranking American officers, usually not available in market. All these factors prove real culprit behind assassin is US Government, which committed similar, acts in mid-East. Snakes of Washington’s dollar imperialism adopted these mean tactics long time ago”
Another telegram from the State Department on Nov. 1st, 1951 advises that the U.S. dismiss the mounting evidence and charges as conspiracy theories. Further telegrams sent on the 3rd and 10th show that the CIA, in a bid to take some heat off themselves, unsuccessfully tried to foment anti-Pashtun sentiments in Pakistan and instigate a conflict using the Liaquat Ali assassination as a catalyst.  For the alleged assassin / patsy was a Pashtun by the name of Saad Akbar Babrak, an Oswald before the term had been invented, Babrak matched the classic description of all the hapless or compromised triggermen Rothschild have used to carry out assassinations. And like all their hired guns before and after him, he too was quickly silenced; shot and killed at the scene of the crime. Now, unfortunately, we’ve seen this pattern many times before and many times since (e.g. John Wilkes Booth, Charles Guiteau, Leon Czolgosz, Faustino Rayo, The Black Hand, Lee Harvey Oswald, Faisal bin Musaid etc) and the Anglo-American-Israeli crime gang still relies on the exploitation of the vulnerable or naïve and regularly makes use of regional mercenaries, traitors and criminals for their own ends.
Now there’s never a fail-safe way to prevent these people from infiltrating or hiring mercenaries to do their bidding on the ground; because no matter how good your security is, every now and then, some Rothschild stooge may scurry past the walls and get in. But the proliferation of Anglo-American-Israeli terrorism is directly related to the extent to which any sovereign state allows the aforementioned entities to play a role in their country. Preventing, or at the very least, limiting their institutions, inroads and outlets (e.g. Masonic lodges, Rothschild investments & acquisitions etc) is, for obvious reasons, a proven method of keeping extremist Jewry and its underlings at bay. Maintaining the ability to enforce these judgements should the Rothschild syndicate disapprove, is also vital in defending and securing any realm.
Liaquat Ali Khan was an approachable, reserved and generally unassuming man who became a force to be reckoned with; one of the few incorruptible visionaries who made Pakistan a reality. An honest, mild mannered worker who put every rupee back into his country and embraced martyrdom with open arms and a clear conscience. For when he died; he was, as usual, dressed in simple, smart but well worn clothes and a weathered, white cotton vest. From privilege and plush villas to self-imposed austerity and Spartan surroundings, here was a man who could never compromise with falsehood or see his people oppressed. Here was a man of impeccable character who could’ve lived a life of luxury but chose to make his home in Heaven for the sake of Allah (swt) . A man who gladly gave his life to promote political consciousness amongst the masses, lift his brethren from the mire of externally imposed squalor to make of them a strong, free and pioneering new nation.
I salute him, and may his courage and integrity continue to inspire people today, and forever-more.
Liaquat Ali Khan, Speech on the Objectives Resolution March 9th,  1949:
“WHEREAS sovereignty over the entire universe belongs to Almighty Allah alone and the authority which He has delegated to the State of Pakistan through its people for being exercised within the limit prescribed by Him is a sacred trust. This Constituent Assembly representing the people of Pakistan resolves to frame a constitution for the sovereign independent State of Pakistan; WHEREIN the State shall exercise its powers and authority through thechosen representatives of the people; WHEREIN the principles of democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance and social justice, as enunciated by Islam, shall be fully observed; WHEREIN the Muslim shall be enabled to order their lives in the individual and collective spheres in accord with the teachings and requirements of Islam as set out in the Holy Quran and the Sunna; WHEREIN adequate provision shall be made for the minorities freely to profess and practise their religion’s and develop their cultures.
I would alike to remind the House that the Father of the Nation,Quaid-I-Azam (Mohammed Ali Jinnah) gave expression to his feelings on this matter on many an occasion, and his views were endorsed by the nation in unmistakable terms.
Pakistan was founded because the Muslims of this sub-continent wanted to build up their lives in accordance with the teachings and traditions of Islam, because they  wanted to demonstrate to the world that Islam provides a panacea to the many diseases which have crept into the life of humanity today. It is universally recognized that the source of these evils is that humanity has not been able to keep pace with its material development, that the Frankenstein Monster which human genius has produced in the form of certain scientific inventions, now threatens to destroy not only the fabric of human society but its material environment as well, the very habitat in which it dwells.
It is universally recognized that if man had not chosen to ignore the spiritual values of life and if his faith in God had not been weakened, this scientific development would not have endangered his very existence. It is God-consciousness alone which can save humanity, which means that all power that humanity possesses must be used in accordance with ethical standards which have been laid down by inspired teachers known to us as the great Prophets.
Sir, this people has traditions of great achievement to its credit; its history is replete with deeds of glory; in every sphere of life it has contributed its full measure of achievement; its heroism adorns the pages of military chronicles; its administrators created traditions which have withstood the ravages of time; in creative art, its poetry, architecture and sense of beauty have won their tribute of appreciation; in the matter of spiritual greatness it has few parallels. It is this people which is again on the march, and, given the necessary opportunities, it will surpass its previous record of glorious achievement.
This Objectives Resolution is the first step in the direction of the creation of an environment which will again awaken the spirit of the nation. We, whom Destiny has chosen to play a part, howsoever humble and insignificant, in this great drama of national resurrection, are overwhelmed with the magnitude of the opportunities which are before us. Let us use these opportunities with wisdom and foresight, and I have not the least doubt that these humble efforts will bear fruit far in excess of our wildest expectations, through the help of a Providence which has brought Pakistan into existence.
It is not every day that great nations come into their own; it is not every day that peoples stand on the threshold of renaissance; it is not every day that Destiny beckons the down-trodden and the subjugated to rise and greet the dawn of a great future. It is the narrow streak of light heralding the brilliance of the full day, that we salute in the form of this Resolution”.


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