Saturday, January 28, 2012

Current Analysis (28th Jan 2012)

Shame on the politicians, media, judges and ulama of this nation who have willingly decided to bury and ignore the treason of memo! Those who compromise on their honor, freedom and faith deserve to be invaded by the Crusaders from the West, raped by the Hindus from the East and slaughtered by the TTP kharjees from within. Memo is a reality and this government is guilty of treason. The sinister plan of memo envisaged attacking Pakistan, destroying Pak army and handing over nuclear weapons to the Zionists. If the nation still stays silent and protect the "demon-cracy", then it deserves the zillat and ruswai at the hands of Kuffar! The plan of memo still exist and now put in even higher gear, just as plan of Agartala conspiracy was put into higher gear after it was exposed.

Those who are betraying Ummate Rasul (sm) and Pak Sarzameen today must learn from the fate of Baghdad at the hands of Halaku Khan. The river Tigris ran red and then black in a single day from the blood of people and ink of books thrown into it. Over a million citizens, judges, Ulama and politicians who opted to side with the traitors were slaughtered in a day!

Unless the leadership do tauba today and we punish the traitors in Memo, we are asking for a similar fate at the hands of Crusaders, Hindu Zionists and TTP kharjees. Fear they day when the Kuffar will drag your daughters and you will only watch in helpless silence!

Pakistan army will fight to the last man and last bullet and is giving sacrifices daily but it cannot fight alone without the help of the nation. The nation and the leaders are shamelessly busy in selfish, sensual pleasures - either party to the treason or busy in looting, plunder and khayanat. Those who are silent today are the worst of them all.

We have warned you before also. This Pakistan is under the sacred protection of Allah (swt) but Pakistanis are asking for a severe punishment and now this punishment is closer than you think!

We ask army to do what is necessary to protect Pakistan. If army does not restore order now and do not punish the traitors, it will anyway have to fight a multi prong deadly war tomorrow. Today, the cost would be less to save Pakistan. Tomorrow, the rivers would run red!

InshAllah, we will do our duty and stand firm with Pak army. There is a great destiny that waits Pakistan but it is clear that a massive cleanup is now over due in Pakistan. If army does not do it, Allah will use Kuffar for it, as he did with Baghdad! This cleanup will not be done by the the Chief Justice it seems. Allah is in Jalal now.


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