Saturday, April 20, 2013

Zaid Hamid's puts the record straight about Musharraf !

Allah has asked Muslims to speak truth at all costs. We want to put some record straight. We have to speak the truth even if it is against our own enemies.

Musharraf is in custody today. A fall from grace indeed. This is natural justice for the mistakes he committed during his rule. He cannot give me anything today nor did he give anything yesterday when I knew him closely.

I see the media, politicians and the judiciary asking for his head -- the same people whose heads should also roll if the Constitution is applied in full against them ! This is the irony.

For the sake of record and to inform you of the facts, I am writing this. These our our analysis, assessment and opinion. Those who trust us will know the facts. Those who do not trust us can disagree. 

Musharraf is a patriot who chose his advisers very badly. He is destroyed by Shaukat Aziz, Tariq Aziz, Altaf Hussian and the PML(Q) which were his allies. Today, they have all abandoned him. This happens when you chose corrupt, Qadianis, enemies and opportunists as your advisers. He was a simple brave soldier, but very naive in politics and poor in religion, but still a Pakistani at heart. We must be fair to him.

But his acts have destroyed Pakistan, just as Zardari's acts and CJ's decisions are destroying Pakistan today. Both Zardari and CJ would also meet the same fate which Musharraf is facing today. I am sure about this.

Musharraf is guilty of following crimes: These are the major ones.

1. NRO. which has imposed upon us this filthy government and democracy with these politicians which are all corrupt and traitors. The same NRO is haunting him now as he sits alone in a Police arest house in Islamabad.

2. He allowed this media without any controls. This totally anarchic media which are, foreign funded NGO's, working on hostile agenda to destabilize Pakistan. Now the same media is skinning him alive. His own doing again.

3. Giving strength to MQM, which had almost died in 90's. Now they are a huge monster haunting Pakistan today.

4. Allowing CIA to create TTP, offering Pakistan land to NATO unconditionally, allowing the CIA to use the route for weapons for terrorist and separatist groups like TTP, BLA and MQM. Thousands of "Ramond Davis" were allowed into Pakistan to wreck havoc with Pakistan's security.

5. Destroying Pakistan's ideology, Islamic values, identity and ideology, and bringing in highest western liberal secularism in the name of Enlightened moderation. This is one of the greatest damage done. Our values and faith has taken a serious hit in this period.

The above are just a few important ones.

But Musharraf is NOT guilty of following crimes:

1. He or the army did NOT kill Akbar Bugti. That is a lie. Bugti committed suicide. This is confirmed. Details have already been discussed many times by us. Those who do not know, please google our view.

2. Musharraf did NOT kill benazir Bhutto. That is a lie as well. BB is killed by TTP. It is confirmed.

3. Lal Masjid which was confirmed TTP and terrorist den which was waging a war against the state and their elimination was legally, religiously and morally correct. Again, he cannot be held responsible for that. Administratively, the issue could have been handled with less bloodshed, no doubt. But that does not mean that Lal masjid is innocent. They deserved death and got it rightly. Khawarij deserved that.

Also, remember this: If Pak army or Police conducting an operation in Bajaur, you cannot register an FIR against the army Chief or the President of the country for any military operation. This is totally wrong, abuse of law and a blatant violation of military rules and justice. Musharraf was President in uniform, just as Zardari is President today. Are we registering FIR's against Zardari or PM for all the violence going on the country ??? NO. Then how can FIR be registered against Musharraf for Bugti, Benazir or Lal masjid ?? This is what we call is Target killing through judiciary.

He is a victim of his own bad decision, treacherous advisers, a venomous judiciary and a hostile political opposition and media. Rest is all a political, judicial and media circus and has nothing to do with justice or morality. It is about getting even against him, now when he is trapped, weak, down and arrested. We feel sorry for him but we had warned him a hundred times against this possibility. He did not listen to me and took advice from his own advisers who have now fled or have become against him. He sits alone, afraid, sad and a broken man.

The present leaders, rulers and judges should learn from him. Their fate is also going to be exactly like him as they are also destroying Pakistan today.

Astaghfurullah !!! We seek mercy of Allah (swt) from the fitnah of power, wealth, status and arrogance.


Atif Jamshaid said...

Well you are partially right but how we come out from present mess up coz I can't see any good signs for Pakistan. Musharraf was a main culprit of present situation.

Ishrat Hussain Mohammad said...


Mr. Zaid Hamid!

You are a man of Justice.

What musharrif has done now he is getting the price, but you are a person of justice.

Mansoor Ali said...

How could he be a patriot when he did all this?? You alleged him for everything than why admiring his bravery and patriotism?? Is there any other crime which he didn't commit??

Afzaal Hazir said...

Musharraf took power unconstitutionally, destroyed all institution in the country,made corrupt people ministers , brought US war to Pakistan, he made emergency on 3rd Nov, removed all Judges of the SC and on leaving power gave NRO gift to the Nation.
Less than hanging would be a shame.

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