Monday, January 30, 2012

When the Imanat of Medina e Sani was was handed to......

On the day of judgement, the Ummat e Rasul (sm) will file a case against the Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhemmed Chaudrey for betraying Rasul Allah (sm) when the Imanat of Medina e Sani was was handed to him. He was given the most sacred duty of being the judge, dispense the justice and defend the honor of Ummat e Rasul against treason, zulm, conspiracies and fasad. Today, he is the most powerful man in the country. If you speak against him, he can bring down hell against you. But no law can stop us from doing dua or giving bad-dua.

Tomorrow he will be presented in the court of Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm). Today, we humbly present our case to Allah (swt) and ask Allah to do justice with the Chief Justice.

All the momineen, fuqara, aulia and ummat is extremely hurt by his his decision to drag and delay the Memo case and the permission to Hussain Haqqani to escape from the country. After the strange Karachi judgement given by him, hundreds of people have died in assassinations and murders by the same political parties. Allah will ask him about that blood also which is now spilling in Karachi. But the memo involved the entire Ummat, entire millat, entire Pak Sarzameen. We shiver with the consequence of this decision of allowing the accused traitors to leave.

Oh, Allah, we hand over this government, media and judiciary to you. Our army is fighting and defending the nation but is surrounded and indecisive to take radical steps. Give them the vision, wisdom and the strength to do what must be done to protect Pak Sarzameen.

We will do our duty to Rasul Allah (sm) with courage, passion and love. InshAllah, there is always khair for Pak Sarzameen. Only the munafiqs and and traitors are being exposed. We ask all of you to stay firm and do your duty. Dont worry, no harm will come to Medina e Sani. Just the cost of dignity and freedom would now radically rise. Khair ishAllah!


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