Sunday, January 8, 2012

Zaid Hamid Our message to CJ, COAS, and DG ISI

This is our final and intense message to those whom Allah has given power, authority and status today. The decisions taken today will have the staggering impact to shape the present and the future of this millat. There is no margin of error. The existential war has begun!

Spread this message to the nation and stand united! We have completed the "Hujjat" and given our azaan. The politicians and the media has betrayed the nation. Our message must reach the CJ and the army!

InshAllah great khair is coming but will we will be tested to the extreme. Allah will separate the Momineen from the munafiqeen!


Haji qadir bux said...

Its fact INSHALLAH we save our country PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

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