Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quaid's declarations kept hidden from the nation!

In this stunning speech, Quaid made some of the most profound policy declarations and confessions. These declarations have been kept hidden from the nation and now being brought out on a global scale to finally destroy the propaganda against our beloved Quaid. Quaid said that: 1. He came back from England on the insistence of Allama Iqbal. (This is one of the most decisive role Iqbal played for the Muslims in India) 2. He came back to create an Islamic state. (Not a secular state) 3. He dream to create a block of Muslim nations . (United states of Islam) 4. He rejects capitalism and communism and all other isms. (Islam not any other “ism”) 5. He was very clear about the sinister role of Jews in creating various blocks in the world. (He knew the reality of Jewish conspiracy of enslaving the world). MashAllah, This is the real Quaid!!! May Allah bless him always and forever. Now we take the banner and unite the nation under Iqbal once again to march forth to accomplish the unfinished destiny!!! This is mission Takmeel e Pakistan!!!


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