Saturday, June 23, 2012

You are being warned !

The new "prime minister" has taken oath, sinking the national honor and dignity to new lows! There is no doubt this regime is sinking and is taking the country with it. Soon, SC will have to remove this so called PM as well as crisis is going to spiral out of control. SC must force this new crook to write the letter and if he refuses, dismiss him as well. The present system is now unsustainable.

There are only two options left now: Constitutionally and Legally, the time has come for a Caretaker government. Either the SC and army sit back and allow the cult of psychopath gangsters to continue loot, rob and plunder the nation as they are doing now and then also allow them to make the caretaker government for the next elections. That would be the biggest punishment and revenge of this sick democracy which would open the flood gates of violence, insurgencies and invasion of the Pak Sarzmaneen.

The second alternate is that SC and army make a decisive intervention and remove this filth once and for all and bring in a patriotic technocratic civilian Caretaker government for 3 years and give it time to stabilize the country and achieve the accountability of the corrupt and cleanse the nation of terrorists and insurgents and also to create a new political, economic and judicial order to prevent such filth from coming to power again.

There is no third third option within our hands. If the SC and the army do not do what we have suggested, then wait for the invasion from outside, suffer internal wars, collapse of law and order and economy and see the disintegration of ideology and state in front of your own eyes. At that time, your duas will not be accepted and your honor will be humiliated as you saw the Kufr and accept it and refused to make your stand for the sake of Allah and Rasul Allah (sm).

Pakistani SC and army have just few weeks to make their final and decisive intervention to remove this regime and recover and salvage this millat. After that, the divine justice would unleash itself with force. Do not say then that you were not warned!


Ahmad said...

Allah destroys nations at their peak, when they are arrogant and drunk with power.

Allah does not destroy nations that are crippled, where the people have no food to eat, where day and night they face problem after problem. People become "nafsiyati mareez" under so many strains, wherever you look, people seem completely inundated in problems.

How can you expect the people to come on the streets to do anything, when they can barely support their families on their daily wages after working from morning to evening(many work extra shift/s, and still barely make ends meet).

Inshallah Khair, Muslim nations like Turkey, Malaysia, especially Iran, had leaders that were very westernized and the nation went through terrible times. Then Allah blessed them with better leadership. Inshallah Imran Khan's graph is also rising very rapidly, and I hope we get a change in leadership. Nawaz Sharif has governed FIVE times, what will he do differently the 6th time around? Zardari and PPP Inshallah will be a non-entity after this year.

Yes I've heard Zaid sahab say that Imran Khan himself does not fulfill the constitutional requirement on a person being moral. However, if we go by afwaah/rumour, people accuse Zaid sahab of being a great many things. We cannot impose our verdict on people based on rumours, everyone's Hisaab is with Allah, the all-knowing. I recommend people read his book, it's available online if you search - what comes across is a person who's clearly made many mistakes, but his integrity and commitment to Islam is plainly visible.

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