Friday, July 6, 2012

Nation is up in arms against NATO supplies....

Now when the regime has treacherously allowed the supplies, auctioning the national honor, security and the will of the nation, they are afraid that the fate of the supplies may be like this on their way out!

As per our reports, the tribals in Baluchistan, FATA and Khyber have vowed to block and burn the trucks carrying the supplies. The religious parties are planning blockade of Peshawar and the road to Khyber Pass. Nation is up in arms and a civil disobedience movement is building. The regime has gravely miscalculated the national anger and rage over this sell off. Now they will see it first hand, InshAllah!

 The traitor government says, they will not allow "Lethal" weapons to go into Afghanistan and only non-lethal weapons will be allowed !! Can they educate us what is a lethal weapon????? Is there any weapon which is NOT lethal??? Are these armored cars, Humvees, artillery, and their ammunition part of lethal weapons or non-lethal weapons???? God, either they are insane or total traitors. In either case, they will be dealt with severely InshAllah, without mercy!

The battle lines are being drawn! Government is deploying thousands of troops and Police to protect NATO supplies for the Crusaders while the lives, honor and property of the Pakistanis is burning due to lawless anarchy and terrorism backed by NATO/RAW and CIA. Over a hundred thousand Pakistanis have died or have been wounded due to this illegal war in Afghanistan. Over 90 billion dollars of losses to the national economy, infrastructure, education, health and road systems due to these supplies for the terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now, the nation will resist with full force!!!


Na Keh Na Likh Kar Kay Dikha said...

و رفعنا لك ذكرك
صلى الله عليه و اله وسلم
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

alf marra shukar alhamdolillah ...

MashaAllah... BarakAllah ... ameen sallal laho alihe wa alehe wasalam.

Now the over all appearance of our utmost respected sipah salaar's blog is more professional, more awesome profound and powerful! mubrook ...

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