Friday, July 6, 2012

This is our Azaan on Express TV (5th July2012), alhamdolillah!

Destroying the myths, lies and deceptions of the corrupt regime and their crusader masters and exposing the genuine and clear and present dangers to Pak Sarzameen,  The destiny will now unfold as Allah wills. We will only be His instruments!

Our treacherous and corrupt rulers have sold us to the snakes and swines literally for free! When we join the illegal and illicit war in Afghanistan, this is what we opt for -- not just the slaughter and rape of the Muslims in the region but also invasion and dismemberment of our lands at the hands of Crusaders! It is a total loss in Dunya and Akhira!

We will resist this act of treason, betrayal and war crime. We will NOT be part of this Zionist crusade against Islam and Pak Sarzameen. Muslims of Pakistan reject this act of treason! Raise your voice do all within your means to resist. Khair inshAllah!



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