Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To the Chief Justice of Pakistan.....

My dear Chief Justice, nation wants to ask a question to you.

You say that SC is protecting the Constitution of Pakistan and will never allow any act or law which is over and above the constitution. The first clause of Constitution says
that no law can be made in Pakistan which is violation of Quran and Sunnah. That is the spirit, ethos, soul and foundation stone of our Constitution.

Now we pose the questions:

1. Is the Supreme Court and judicial system of Pakistan deciding cases on the basis of Quran and Sunnah or on the basis of secular Anglo-Saxon laws? Is Sharia laws implemented in the country or the British made laws, which are totally in violation of the first clause of the Constitution? Is the Supreme Court defending the first clause of the Constitution or violating it?

2. Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) are at war with economic laws which protect and promote Banking interest and Riba. These laws are solidly made, implemented and practiced in Pakistan today. Is the Supreme Court protecting the constitution or violating the constitution by protecting Interest based Banking system laws which are at war with Allah and Rasul Allah (sm)?

3. Constitution says that article 62,63 will be a per-condition for any member of the parliament or leader. Today, we have the most corrupt, treacherous, sinful and hypocritical leadership in power today. How did they get into the parliament in the presence of article 62,63 and the SC claiming to over see the Constitution?

On the day of Judgment, we are sure Allah (swt) is going to ask you similar questions since today you have the authority in your hand and you sit on a very high pedestal, beyond reach of the ordinary mortals. What will be your answer dear CJ, in front of Rasul Allah (sm) on that day when you will not be the CJ?

The nation await the answer.


rashid said...

I think CJ has been projected as a hero by foreign agencies. The reason y i said this is that he is just taking suo motos and hearing cases which have no outcome. These cases are just to divert the attention of the nation from the real issues. The issues of insurgency, the issue of American involvement, drone attacks, Raymond Davis, arrested terrorists are released. It is useless to expect any revolutionary step to be taken by him. He will just play until the enemies fulfil their agendas. He is just another puppet but of a different nature.

Anonymous said...

An ironic truth which we can never ignore is that our judiciary has always backed up a military regime and has made firm the footsteps of a military coup. Each military regime’s foundations got stronger with the support of legal protection that was provided by the judiciary and legislature of the country. Military regimes for a fact have ruled over the country much longer than any of its democratic counterpart and have badly hit the whole democratic structure, which after 65 years of independence is still in its infancy. For that not just the military is guilty but the judiciary is responsible for its undemocratic steps since it provided a legalistic rationale for all military adventures in Pakistan. History could provide you with multiple examples and evidences of such practices carried out by justices, the latest of which could be the protection and legal cover given to General Musharraf’s rule. Another sad and evident example to justify Zia-ul-Haq’s illegal and unconstitutional regime in the mid-1970s was the enigma of “doctrine of necessity” invoked by the justices.

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