Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We want Salahuddin Ayyubi and nothing less - Enough of this circus!

Our Organization Is Pakistan Our Identity Is Islam,Our Constitution Is Quran.

Nothing Is More Powerful Than The Idea Whose Time Has Come. And the time To Regain Our Lost Glory Has Come.

Takmeel e Pakistan is a global mission for Muslim renaissance built on romantic ideology of Quran and Sunnah and spiritual Iqbal for creation of Khilafat e Rashida model of political, economic system to prepare for United states of Islam and to lead the millat in Ghazwa e Hind! We are an ideological mission, the agents of spiritual change and visionaries to guide the Ummah in these times of crisis, alhamdolillah!

We started this Takmeel mission 3 years ago and alhamdolillah have made phenomenal progress in reviving the Pakistan ideology, spiritual Iqbal, Ishq e Rasul (sm), patriotism, Khilafat e Rashida, Ghazwa e Hind, United states of Islam and have given direction to youth, armed forces and the nation! The barakah is from Allah alone. Our mission marches on and we will not change our strategy in reaction or provocation!

Our sole purpose is to revive the ideology which is being erased from the memory of the Muslims, the ideology which took 1,400 years in making. Revive the Golden Era of Islam which were the Dark Ages for the Europeans. Make people think that we are still Proud Muslims.

“World media projects Pakistan as the epicenter of terror. That Pakistan is a failing state and the world should take away the nuclear weapons from Pakistan.This would be the greatest blunder that humanity would commit if Pakistan is brought under pressure.The civil society, the patriotic elements, and the people who are seeking the truth-the alternate media,they must see through this Zionist game. They must acknowledge the fact that Pakistan remains the last obstacle in the way of Israel, Zionists and Ne-cons’ expansion plan in the greater Middle East because Pakistani armed forces train the armed forces of the entire Middle Eastern Muslim countries. Pakistan in the past has always been called for help when Israel had attacked Egypt and Syrian 1967and 1974.These countries had requested Pakistan and Pakistani Air defense units for help. Pakistani fighter pilots went to Egypt and Syria and Pakistan is the only Muslim country in the world which shot down Israeli air craft in an air to air combat.This is a fact that no body knows in the world.That is why the Israelis are terribly scared of Pakistan.Pakistanis have a history of shooting them down.They have a history of defending the Arab land sand that is why they say they need Pakistan. We need to support Pakistan for the sake of all the freedom loving people, people who want justice, honour and dignity and want to live in peace.Pakistanis the centre of gravity. Your focus must remain in protecting and defending Pakistan as the last bastion, the last fortress for true freedom in the world.

The projection that they give in the western media is cunning, evil, and sinister; it is a propaganda disinformation war against the Pakistani state. They are raising the western emotions against Pakistan and they want to get Pakistan beaten up from the west and in reality Pakistan is not just stabilizing Asia but also the Middle East and the Greater Middle East.Pakistan exists in the eye of the storm.Pakistanis are living here and fighting here for the freedom of the entire humanity;we are all on board in this common war.We are fighting for justice and freedom against the oppression of Zionists and Noe-cons. And for this reason,we continue to resist. In pursuit of this truth we will live with dignity and when the time comes we will die with honor”.

Zaid Hamid

Join us be apart of global mission for Muslim renaissance,Rise Of Caliphate!

Maimaar e Haram Baaz Ba Tameer e Jahaan Khaiz…Az Khuab e Giraan Khuab e Giraan Khuab e Giraan Khaiz

Dr. Mohammad Iqbal


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