Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When you realize you are the terrorist...

This is our message to the good Christians and Jews in the western world and in US and NATO armed forces.

Stop your sons, daughters and soldiers from war crimes in Muslim lands! Rebel against the Zionist bankers who are using the NATO and US armed forces as hired mercenaries and assassin gangs to expand greed of Capitalism and military industrial complex. More and more war veterans are raising their voices against these criminal wars and resisting the Zionists. Join them and support them.

The guilt of being part of a crime mafia led by the military is now killing the western soldiers from within with thousands throwing back their war medals, thousands committing the suicides over the guilt of war crimes they have already committed. All good human being must resist the Bankers and Zionists. It is a common cause of humanity irrespective of colour, nationalist and religion.

Raise your voice Or one day, you will also commit suicide out of the guilt of killing babies, children, women and old destroying their lives. Wake up and seek pardon from God. You still have time.


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