Friday, August 24, 2012

The Ummat has to sacrifice...............

Now the Ummat has to sacrifice to save its honor, lives and faith! The decades of decadence, ignorance, munafiqat and divisions within the Ummah have brought us to that stage when Kuffar from all over the world are now pouncing upon the millat as if hungry wolves feast on helpless lambs. Our leaders, betrayed us, our Ulama became silent or fell in fitnah, our media sold its honor to Kuffar and our armies were too weak to respond. Now this Naseeha of Sayyadna Ali is our guide. Prepare yourself for the time is close. The Muslims of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria are already tasting its fruits! Khair inshAllah

Do NOT expect anything from your leaders and so called Ulama. They have betrayed the millat when we needed them most. The millat is divided into political and religious sects while the enemies are charging across our lands. The nation and the faithful elements of the armed forces will now be given the responsibilities of defending the honor of Rasul Allah (sm). Have faith in Allah alone and He is the best of the planners. These leaders and the judicial, political and economic systems they support will be eliminated first, InshAllah! You will have no choice now. Either a life and death of humiliation or a life and death of dignity! Take your choice.


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