Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pak army must hear us loud and clear.......

Pak army must hear us loud and clear. Prepare for a Syria scenario now OR regroup and take back the country from these traitors!

Pakistan has been sold by the PPP regime. Army is acting within the constraints of law but the regime is brea
king the law, constitution and Quran. Supreme Court is NOT understanding the threats this nation has. Media is hostile and treacherous. Pakistan army is under attack within the country not just from the TTP but also from the Judiciary, media and the government. Enemies are gathering forces around us and the anarchy in Islamabad is breathtaking.

Either we save Pakistan or we become Syria! No third option now. Pak army, this is your moment to decide. Nation stand with you. Do not hesitate and do what must be done to defend the Medina e Sani. Pakistan is sacred. Honor and dignity of our daughters is sacred. Quran and Sunnah is sacred. Not any man made law. Allahu Akbar!


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