Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pakistan – the problems and solutions regarding terrorism and 4thGW

We Muslims must know our enemies and their strategies. Whatever is happening in the Muslim world is an unprecedented threat which has caught the entire Muslim world by surprise and shock. This is a presentation BrassTacks has made for the o ur brothers in Turkey to make them understand the threats and risks which now Pakistan, Iran and Turkey face. In Pakistan, the war is already in the advanced stage but inshAllah, we can still recover from this crisis. The Hakim and the Qazi have betrayed the Ummah. Now the responsibility is upon the Sipah Salar. If he also does not rise, then it will come down to the people of this Pak Sarzamneen to fight the final battles. Do not panic. This nation has enough sons to fight and defeat the enemies. We only know one path -- life of dignity and death of honor, InshAllah!


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