Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pray that Allah bless you with such Sultans and try to become worthy of them!!

InshAllah, there is great khair for Pak Sarzameen but this nation is now asking for a very severe punishment. From the rulers to the Qazis to the people, all have become disrespectful towards Rasul Allah (sm) and the book of Allah. Adab used to be a virtue of Muslim rulers. Let us show you a glimpse of what adab meant. Even in the last days of Usmani Khilafat, the Sultans were so respectful towards Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), MashAllah. Pray that Allah bless you with such Sultans!! Thats the only way to khair, not this filthy democracy.


One of last Sultans of the Ottoman State, Sultan Abdulaziz Khan, was very devoted and full of reverence for the Prophet (s.a.s.) One day whilst he was lying in bed ill, pale and semi-conscious, he was told:

"Here is a petition from a the people of Madina". Hearing this, the Sultan gathered all the strength that he could muster and said to his helpers:

"Take me downstairs immediately. Let me listen to the petition that has come from the Haramayn whilst standing. A request from the neighbours of the Messenger of Allah (s.a.s.) cannot be listened to whilst seated and with my legs stretched out, contrary to courtesy"

Whenever the post came from Madina, he would renew his ablution and kiss the letters saying "They have the blessed dust of Madina on them". He would then hand them to the head scribe to open and read them.


Recite Fatiha and Durud shareef!


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