Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The epic battle for heart and soul of the Millat!

This is Iqbal, in his own words and writings compiled by Latif Ahmed Sherwani. Iqbal fiercely attack and destroy the Congressi Deoband case against Pakistan.

We would request all Muslims to read this with adab and reverence as this is the
final proof that Muslims of India fought an epic ideological battle against Congressi Mullahs to snatch Pakistan out of the jaws of the British, Hindus and the pro-Hindu “Muslims”!

This document is a historical masterpiece, treatise on the case of Muslims to be followed for all times against western political concept of nationalism. In the last two pages, you will see that Iqbal has once again compared the Congressi “Muslims” with Qadianis!!!

The damage which was done to Muslim Ummah at the hands of Congressi Mullahs is as severe as it was at the hands of Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadeq and Allama Iqbal, the faqeer and dervish of the time, roared like a lion to protect the honor of Ummat of Rasul Allah (sm). MashAllah, a Faqeer came to rescue the Ummat e Marhoom, when vultures in Hindus and Congressi Deobandis were about to destroy the last hope of the revival of the Ummah. What Hussain Ahmed madni did was NOT an ijtihadi error. It was what Iqbal says an act of crime comparable to what Qadianis have done. Unforgivable in the eyes of the Dervesh of the time, Allama Iqbal!
Allama Iqbal about Hussain Ahmed Madni -- The epic battle for heart and soul of the Millat!
We close our argument with these stunning words of Baba Iqbal which are quoted by Nazeer Niazi. Nazeer Niazi is the most authentic reference on Allama Iqbal. He used to write the private discussions of Iqbal and have published them back the
n also. Let us make it VERY CLEAR! THIS QUOTE IS FROM THE BOOK OF NAZEER NIAZI AND these ARE WORDS OF ALLAMA IQBAL!!!! We have NOT added a single word.

Iqbal is talking about Congressi Mullahs and Qadianis. This is stunning and most ruthless commentary by Baba Iqbal. They both have damaged Muslims!!!!

Only an idiot Congressi can blame that he is spreading sectarian hatred. Allama Iqbal is telling the most brutal truth which nobody dares to speak. He had also called Hussain Ahmed Madni as following the path of Abu Lahab. Many people wrote to us that Iqbal had re-tracted his comments about Hussain Ahmed Madni, the Congressi Mullah. For them, we give this most authentic quote from Iqbal. Iqbal was most strongly oppsoed to the Congressi Mullahs and thats why they still call Iqbal a Kafir!

Once again, remember that Iqbal is talking about Congressi Mullahs NOT about those Deoband scholars who had decided to side with Quaid e Azam and Pakistan.

All those Pakistani Muslims and especially from Deoband must ponder deep on these words of Baba Iqbal. Iqbal has said that "unknowingly, the Deoband are harming the Muslims and serving the British!! The pro-Hindu scholars of deoband should now accept their blunder and must do tauba and abandon their war against Pakistan. There is no greater Faqeer, darvesh and Mujaddid of the Millat than Baba Iqbal. Do NOT let prejudiuce of your sect come into your way. Accet your mistakes and join the ranks of those Muslims who love Rasul Allah (sm) and Medina e Sani Pakistan. For 9o years, the Congressi Deoband Mullahs have been attacking Muslims and Islam. They did not even listen to patriotic and pro-Pakistan Deoband scholars like Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani. Now listen to Allama Iqbal, what that Darvesh of the time had to say about the Congressis!!! It shakes your soul!

The Khawarij snakes and their Congressi Fasadi loyalists are all around us -- in our masjids, in our offices, in our media, in our universities and in our madrassas. You can identity them from their poision in their language, hatred for Pak
istan in their tone and words, ant-Pakistan, anti-Kashmir, anti-ISI, anti-army, anti-Quaid e Azam, Anti-Iqbal and pro-Hindu statements and of course from the dark dirty satanic faces they carry! These are the greatest of munafiqs who always side with the Hindu Mushriks and have always waged a war against Muslims! This clip is from Lahore. A typical TTP Kharji pro-Hindu Mushrik Congressi Fasadi! Know them well. He even mentions TAKMEEL e Pakistan movement of ours and see his rage and anger at that !! May Allah's curse be upon them!


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