Thursday, September 13, 2012

We are not afraid nor panicking but..........

We are not afraid nor panicking but indeed seriously concerned for the people of this Pak Sarzameen. We have been betrayed by our leaders and media. Now, there is nothing more to say or explain. We have done that enough and now only wait for the judgement from Allah (swt) to unfold. When we warned the nation and its leaders, they mocked our azaan, made fun and mockery of the naseeha and unleashed all their dogs against us to silence our azaan.

Alhamdolillah, we continue to do our duty with dignity despite the fact that now the threat has crossed the red line and a most severe punishment is just around the corner. Still, we find the leaders, media and the so called scholars making fun of our azaan and busy in petty selfish sensual pleasures and lustful fights for power, wealth and status. A massive cleanup surgery will be done now. The punishment has already started. Do not ask us how and who will do it. You will see it soon. Those still in doubt should remain in doubt till they see it with "Haqqul Yaqeen"! Then there will be no tauba nor escape.


The deployed 4GW against Pakistan continues to get momentum this week also on all deployed axis. Indian are fully exploiting the anarchy in Islamabad to seek greater access into Pakistan’s politics, economy, media and society, without giving anything in return. Indian assets are now fully active from Gilgit Baltistan to Quetta to Karachi, igniting separatist and sub-nationalist frictions and conflicts, seriously damaging the federation of Pakistan. Now it will become even easier for the Indian to send in infiltrators, operators, spies and observers in an environment where the federal government is already collapsing in Islamabad. Indian are grabbing whatever they can but are deliberately avoiding dealing on serious issues of Pakistan’s interest. The Indian PM remains shy of visiting Pakistan but the FM come, grabs and leaves. PPP regime is too naïve, collaborative and treacherous to offer any resistance.

Relations between Pakistan and US are once again rapidly crashing over various contentious issues like drones, Haqqani, presence of Mullah Omar, presence of covert CIA staff in NGO’s in Pakistan and over inaction of NATO/US against TTP insurgents based in Afghanistan.

Baluchistan is another major sore issue between Pakistan and US which is now becoming a major crisis for Pakistan. US is now threatening to deploy UN in Baluchistan under the pretext of HR violations and missing persons case.

Supreme court is fiercely attacking the security forces while giving relief to the terrorists, insurgents and separatists who are now fully deploying the judicial system to incapacitate the security forces and law enforcement agencies. Supreme court is actually issuing wild impossible to implement orders while restraining the security forces in the same breath – case of utter judicial anarchy.

In Baluchistan, the axis is more directed against forces as well as against Shia sect. Separatists as well as sectarian terrorists are on a rampage. Triggering a sectarian war is an integral part of this 4thGW. There is no government in Baluchistan. With almost 65 MP’s in the parliament, 60 are the ministers – making a mockery of government. The result is total chaos and anarchy with no semblance of Police or law anywhere except where paramilitary forces are present.

These are unprecedented times for Pak army also. Pakistan army is now well and truly isolated, surrounded and over stretched. It is giving staggering casualties every week, loosing young officers at an alarming rate. The war has become even more difficult due to total and complete anarchy in Islamabad where the government and the Supreme Court are at war with each other and the Zardari regime is busy in robbing, looting and plundering as if there is no tomorrow.

Taking advantage of the “silence” of the army and the hyperactivity of the Chief Justice, the regime is single mindedly focused on two point agenda:

1. Corruption.

2. Fixing the next elections (or delaying them) which they are sure would be allowing the present regime to complete their term.

Completely oblivious of the threats that the country faces and the daily casualties being given the army and the massive bloodshed in every corner of the country, the government, opposition parties and their allies are busy maneuvering the political turf for power, foothold and influence. The government and the opposition are also in a huddle to make the best caretaker government to help them in the proposed upcoming elections. There is no concern or foresight to see and respond to the threats which the country faces today. It is total and complete anarchy and the revenues are only being generated through backbreaking taxes.

The regime is more confident now than ever as army stays back and CJ continues to play games and remains engaged in a useless protracted war with the government, without deciding any of the strategic cases, giving enough time to the regime to complete its agenda. PPP regime continues to confuse their allies and enemies.

Government is now exploiting the pretext of terrorism in the country to make harsher anti-terror law. It was needed indeed but in the hands of this most corrupt and venomous regime, there is no doubt the law would be used to nail the political opponents and dissidents.

As we said, the regime is on a big time agenda of official robbery, loot and plundering. Billions of dollars are being siphoned off in one of the biggest government backed bank robberies in the country. The entire government and their allies as well as the opposition are involved in mass loot. It is actually nauseating.

It seems clear now that the military leadership is either miscalculating the regional and national threat or is too afraid and reluctant to intervene at this stage, unsure if it would be able to recover the collapse which is already at the implosion levels.

Also, it seems clear that the leadership is miscalculating the anger and rage building within the ranks and officers of the army. As the casualties mount on the daily basis and the war seems to be going nowhere and army remains without any political, diplomatic and media support, the young officers are getting impatient over the indecision and delay being shown by the top leadership.

Wars are fought to achieve political and diplomatic objectives. The ruthless bloody war which Pakistan is fighting now is being orchestrated by the same “allies” who are supposed to be on Pakistan’s side and who continue to support the enemy from Afghanistan. With no defined political goal of the war, the enemy remains blur and confused. Though TTP are the front face of the enemy, their back is sully supported by the NATO, US and Afghan armies which continue to get their supplies from the same NATO containers which Pakistan allow through its territories free of charge.

The military operations remain passive, reactive and defensive only with the insurgents, terrorists and the US/India having the advantage of surprise and a clear deck to plan and execute their war against Pakistan on all axis.

Something would snap very soon and it is going to be bloody. There is no doubt about this now.


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