Sunday, October 14, 2012

A message for the CIA and Obama administration...

We want to send a message to the CIA and Obama administration.

Make no mistake about Pakistani nation. The attack by TTP on Malala has united the nation against TTP as never before. But that does NOT mean that Pakistani nation is against

Afghan Taliban also. We know the difference between Afghan Taliban who are the freedom fighters and the TTP, the CIA created Al-Qaeda mentality Khawarij who are backed by RAW and Karzai for war against Pakistan.

Under NO circumstances, the Muslims of Pakistan will wage a war against Afghan Taliban, Haqqani or Gulbadin hekmatyar. But by Allah, we will wage a war against those terrorists and murderers who are created, backed and protected by JSOC, CIA and RAW. That CIA should understand this clearly.

To the Pakistani nation, our message is: We are re-naming TTP as TZP. Tehreek e Zalimaan e Pakistan. We do NOT want to associate these Khawarij with Afghan Mujahideen and Afghan Taliban. These Khawaij of Pakistan have deliberately used the name of Afghan Taliban to confuse the millat and the Zionists are exploiting the crimes of TZP to incite war and violence against Afghan Pashtun resistance. We know the game now.

From now on, TTP will be called TZP or Khawarij NOT Taliban. They are NOT Taliban but ZALIMAAN!!!


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