Monday, November 19, 2012

Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Egypt must form a block to save Palestine !

Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Egypt must form the block, InshAllah, from the sands of Nile to the dusts of central Asia !! The time will soon come when the illegitimate entity of Israel would pay for the crimes it is committing. Our only crisis is Beyghairat leaders, nothing else. Khair inshAllah.

By Allah, we will NOT forgive British empire for this genocide. Never forget that Israel was created by the British. Kashmir crisis was created by the British. We will take revenge from Jews but we have also not forgotten the crimes of Brit ain and United States. Oh Muslims of Pakistan. fear Allah and stop following this Kufr called democracy or else, you will also be destroyed like Muslims in Palestine. The war is being fought in cities and homes. This is the new urban war being fought in Pakistan also.


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