Monday, December 10, 2012

East Pakistan , The Untold Story !

41 years ago, in December 1971, Pakistan was fighting a loosing battle in East Pakistan - a collective punishment for this millat of decades of catastrophic blunders. It was a punishment from Allah (swt) as traitors in media, politics and on ground were allowed to take part in the elections despite knowing fully well that Indians had created the armed gangs of Mukti Bahini and the agartala conspiracy was exposed well in time. When all was lost, Pakistan army was asked to save the country. It was a heroic war for this 40,000 small band of army, surrounded by nearly half a million enemies from Mukti Bahni and Indian army. This story has never been told in Pakistan before untill we came to set the record straight.

In the coming days, we will post more material on East Pakistan tragedy. remember this, nations which do not learn from history soon have their geography taken away as well. Today, in 2012, our leaders have learned nothing from East Pakistan. We ask army NOT to make the mistakes of 71 and do not hold elections when "Mukti Bahini" of today are waging multiple wars from Khyber to Karachi and traitors are ruling the country. Khair inshAllah.


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